Exide EHI Series Universal Battery Chargers

Exide EHI Series Universal Battery Chargers

The Exide EHI Series Universal Battery Chargers are industrial battery chargers offering the latest software-defined charging profiles to control the optimal charging current for flooded-cell and valve-regulated industrial batteries. They can charge all battery types including lead-acid batteries.

All EHI Series Universal Battery Chargers are CEC compliant, meeting the stringent energy-saving requirements as defined by the California Energy Commission. There are a total of six industrial battery chargers in the Exide EHI line, and they are > 92% efficient. In fact, the 3-phase model boasts a power factor greater than 97%. All battery chargers in this series are based on an architecture of high efficiency, unity power factory (PFC).


Exide EHI Series Universal Battery Chargers Features

The Exide EHI series battery chargers are controlled by a central microprocessor, complete with intelligent alphanumeric display and keypad. The displays show several charger parameters including charge history, programmable real time
clock, calendar, and audible alarms. Its connectivity package provides wireless communication with the battery identification modules.

Exide EHI Series Battery Chargers Key Features

  • Optimized charge profiles (all battery types)
  • All models are energy-saving (CEC-compliant)
  • For Opportunity/Fast charge (and conventional) uses

Exide EHI Series Universal Battery Chargers Specifications

  • AC line voltages: Single Phase 85-265 VAC (auto-detect)
  • AC line voltages: Three phase 208, 240, 480, and 600 VAC ±10%
  • AC line voltages: Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5 Hz
  • fficiency: >92%
  • Power Factor: Single-phase models >90%, Three-phase models >97%
  • DC Output Voltages: Nominal battery voltages from 24V to 80 VDC
  • DC Output Current: From 50 to 320 amps
  • Charging profile: Completely programmable, can support batteries of any type, voltage, capacity
  • Charging profile: Programmable Weekly Equalization/Maintenance Mode
  • Charging profile: Programmable off-peak energy hours
  • Enclosure Type: Steel enclosure powder-coat paint; wall mount or rack mount
  • Cooling: Forced Ventilation with active fan control
  • Audible Noise: <65 dBA at 1 meter
  • Environmental Protection: IP21 (Standard)
  • Ambient Temperature Operation: -10 / +50 °C
  • Ambient Temperature Storage: -20 / +70 °C
  • Connectivity: Compatible with wireless Battery Identification Modules (BMOD-T / BMOD-3T)
  • Connectivity: Integrated Data-logger (200 cycles)
  • Connectivity: Extended Data-logger (600 cycles) with USB port (Optional)
  • Connectivity: Wireless card (Optional)
  • Standards: UL 1564 “Industrial Battery Chargers”
  • Standards: CSA 22.2 107.2-01 “Battery Chargers”
  • Marking: CEC


Exide Technologies has been in the battery business more than 120 years. To this day, the company serves the complex stored energy needs of customers around the world. Click here for more about the EHI series battery chargers.

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