Flo-Dynamics Coolant Service Machine: C-VAC3

Flo-Dynamics C-VAC3 Coolant Service Machine

It never hurts to have a machine in the shop that tackles multiple applications, and the Flo-Dynamics coolant service machine promises to do just that. Between its state-of-the-art design and its multifunctionality, the C-VAC3 offers mechanics a one-stop shop for their coolant flushing, filling, draining, and pressure-testing work. Retailing for $2,692, the Flo-Dynamics coolant service machine won’t come cheap, but it will make some of your automotive service work a bit more streamlined.


The C-VAC3

Flo-Dynamics Coolant Service MachineThis Flo-Dynamics coolant service machine offers a state-of-the-art design. It comes equipped with 2 separate 7-gallon new fluid tanks and one 8-gallon waste fluid tank. The C-VAC3 includes an automatic new and waste fluid tank shutoff with an indicator, a pressure or vacuum gauge, and quick seal connectors, which keep fluid inside the hoses rather than on the floor.

The C-VAC3 packs a lot of multifunctionality into a relatively small package. With its radiator mouth suction and fill process, it can rapidly drain and fill coolant. It can quickly and completely flush or exchange all coolant in the system, and it can drain for component change. Plus, the Flo-Dynamics coolant service system can perform a pressure test on the system and radiator cap.

For durability and convenience, the Flo-Dynamics coolant service machine offers a durable roto-cast polyethylene body and tanks, which should also keep the C-VAC3 from causing any accidental damage to sensitive auto bodies. It offers an ergonomically correct working height. Flo-Dynamics has mounted the C-VAC3 on 5″ locking front caster wheels and 10″ rear wheels for easy maneuverability as well. It comes equipped with clear service hoses that allow visual evidence of fluid movement, and an indicator lamp that shows all of the machine operations and status functions.


Flo-Dynamics C-VAC3 Coolant Service Machine Key Features

  • Durable roto-cast polyethylene body and tanks prevent vehicle damage
  • Ergonomically correct working height
  • 5″ locking front caster wheels & 10” rear wheels allow easy maneuverability
  • Clear service hoses allow visual confirmation of new and used fluid movement
  • Easy access service panel
  • Self-contained battery cables hook up to the vehicle’s 12-volt battery
  • Indicating lamps are activated to show all machine operations and status functions

Flo-Dynamics C-VAC3 Coolant Service Machine Specifications

  • Fuse: 7.5 Amp
  • Operating Temperature: 60º to 110ºF (15º to 43ºC)
  • Service Hoses: 10′ outside of the machine
  • Wheels: 5″ locking casters (front), 9-3/4″ casters (back)
  • New Fluid Tanks: (2) 7 gallons
  • Waste Fluid Tank: 8 gallons
  • Power: 12V DC and Shop Air
  • Step Adapters to fit: 1-1/8″, 1-3/8″, 1-1/2″ and 1-3/4″ hoses
  • Dimensions: 52″ x 23″ x 27″
  • Shipping Weight: 176 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Price: $2,692.00

Flo-Dynamics, Inc. is a registered brand of Norco Industries. Norco Industries, Inc. manufacturing facility is situated in Elkhart, IN. Visit their site here for more information about the Flo-Dynamics Coolant Service Machine.




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