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GTE Tools MasterBead Adhesive Dispenser Gun is great for keeping your toolbox tidy. Using RTV will never be the same again.

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I have yet to see a mechanic’s toolbox that didn’t have at least one partially used tube of RTV, and typically three or four. Being able to use all the contents from a tube before it dries up has always been a struggle. The GTE Tools MasterBead adhesive dispenser gun is here to help you eliminate your collection of malformed tubes of RTV.

Room Temperature Vulcanization Silicone, otherwise known as just RTV, has been the first choice to seal gaskets for more than 60 years. For as long as I can remember, RTV has been packaged in the same aluminum tubes we see today. Forever, I have tried to keep my tubes of RTV neat and tidy, but to no avail. So I had some reluctance when I saw the GTE Tools MasterBead adhesive dispenser gun.

Using GTE Tools MasterBead Adhesive Dispenser Gun

Even at first glance and touch, you can tell that GTE Tools built the MasterBead with quality products and components. It feels good in the hand, not too light, hence it has good weight to it. The clips, trigger and release mechanisms all feel very solid and firm. The slide that pushes forward, placing pressure on the tube to dispense the RTV, has no slop or give. The handle and trigger allow the technician to keep a firm grip.


Placing the first tube of RTV into the MasterBead is very simple and explanatory, so I won’t cover that. Squeeze the trigger, and you start dispensing product. Seeing the squish of the tube is confirmation that the tool is doing it’s job. GTE Tools claims that the technician can expect to extract 99% of the product from each tube.

GTE MasterBead Adhesive Dispenser Gun

We tried several different products in the MasterBead, including different types of RTV, Devcon metal patch, weatherstrip adhesive, and more. The results were the same, regardless of the product. Dispensing was steady and gave much more control than if the technician were trying to squeeze the tube by hand while applying the product. In the end, we were left with a very flat tube and almost all the product used.

MasterBead and tubes

Benefits of Purchasing the MasterBead

The MasterBead has a MSRP of $69 but the street price is closer to $49. Let’s assume that a normal technician can dispense 75% of RTV by hand. Now, let’s assume that with the MasterBead, the same technician could use 95% of the RTV. This leaves a difference of 20%, or the ability to get 20% more product from each tube. It looks like the street price for RTV is right at $6, so $6 x 20% equals $1.20 savings per tube. With the $50 price tag divided by the $1.20 savings, this equates to 41.6 tubes to break even.

MasterBead RTV

The better way to look at the value in this tool is by seeing it as a tool that allows the technician to do a better job. In fact, we could probably even account for less waste with the MasterBead. Enabling the technician to be more efficient adds up much quicker than looking at savings in product. Additionally, giving more control will provide a neater application and a more complete job.

I think there is a third consideration in the purchasing benefits of the MasterBead. That’s the shear appreciation of seeing that flat tube and knowing that every bit of product possible has been consumed. You get that feeling of accomplishment and that your duty has been fulfilled in terms of RTV master caulker.

Concluding Remarks

GTE with Toothpaste2The GTE Tools MasterBead adhesive dispenser gun is a quality tool that is easy to use. I would like to see a little cheaper price; however, I wouldn’t want to see the quality diminish. The tool does what it’s supposed to do and it enables the technician to do a better job as well as keep a neater toolbox. Finally to put the cherry on top, the MasterBead works flawlessly as a toothpaste dispenser. And 3 out of 4 dentists approve.

Purchase your MasterBead gun here.


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