Dremel Ultimate Combo Kit Video Review – 3 Tools

Dremel Ultimate Combo Kit

The Dremel Ultimate Combo Kit includes three corded tools, fifteen accessories, and a convenient carrying bag. Included in the kit is the Dremel 3000, Saw-Max, and Multi-Max. While I doubt to see many professional woodworkers or contractors using these Dremel kits, I can definitely see many DIY, crafters, and other makers putting these tools to work.


Included in the Dremel Ultimate Combo Kit

Saw-Max Adjustable Depth

Saw-Max Adjustable Depth

Looking at the Dremel Saw-Max, it looks like a small circular saw blade attached to a small grinder. The small 3-inch cutting disc sits 90-degrees from the elongated body. Two abrasive blades are included for use when cutting aluminum, sheet metal, and various other thin metals. One wood and a plastic blade are also included, which resembles a tile blade more than a saw blade. We were quite impressed with how well this little blade cut through 1/2″ plywood.

The Dremel Mult-Max is nothing out of the ordinary as far as oscillating tools, or multi-tools go. The Multi-Max includes a half-circle blade and a typical rectangle multi-tool blade. Also included in the kit is a sanding pad and multiple sanding discs — actually, they are triangles. While the Multi-Max multi-tool has “Quick Release” embossed on the top, don’t mistake this as being a tool-less blade change. This is just a quick release of the tool, which allows you to loosen the bolt, then the user can change blades.



The Dremel Namesake

"<yoastmarkWe save the best and most important for last, the Dremel 3000 rotary tool, rounding out the Dremel Ultimate Combo Kit. As the flagship tool for the Dremel company, the Dremel 3000 is a corded rotary tool with a multi-speed selector switch. To change bits, you can use the included wrench in the kit, or you can use the built-in tool. Just unscrew the collar, just behind the collet, then this collar slides up to fit the profile of the retaining nut. Pressing the blue button on the body of the Dremel locks the spindle, then loosen the collet and the bit can easily be removed.

The Dremel Ultimate Combo Kit is a great kit that we recommend to the maker, DIY enthusiast, or beginning woodworker. This kit allows the user cut woods, acrylics, and even metal.

Click here to get your Dremel 3-Tool Combo Kit from the Home Depot. Currently, only $269.



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