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Matco Tools 30-inch Flex Ratchet Video – Eighty8 CFR308LF

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The Matco Tools 30-inch Flex Ratchet delivers with a lot of leverage, a locking flexible head, and Made In USA toughness.

Overall Score 4.6 Pro Review

There is only one reason that you reach for a 30-inch ratchet — something is about to come loose. Okay, maybe another use is reaching fasteners tucked away, deep in a hole somewhere. Regardless, the solution is the Matco Tools 30-inch Flex Ratchet. This chrome ratchet that seems to go on forever is a beauty in itself. No rubber overmolds or funky spaceship grips, just pure metallurgic genius.

Matco Tools 30-inch Flex Ratchet Features

Aside from the long handle on the Matco Tools 30-inch Flex Ratchet, the other feature that the name implies is the flexible head. Not only does the head of the ratchet flex, but it’s also lockable in nine different positions. The ability to lock the head delivers more force to the fastener, where you want it. The model number for this is CFR308LF and this is part of their Eighty8 series.


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Quality Internals and Milling

The Matco Tools CFR308LF just exudes quality. Fit and finish on the exterior is pristine, and taking a look at the inside resembles the same. Tools like this don’t come cheap, and there’s a reason, or reasons, for this. First, it’s Made in the USA. That alone should tell you that the metal and machining is top-notch. The 88-tooth ratchet gear includes the 1/2″ square anvil and o-ring assists in keeping the oil in and keeping dust and debris out. Even the directional lever has an o-ring to keep the other side from intruders.

We used the ratchet around the shop, including some hardened bolts, torqued to 500 ft-lbs. The Matco Tools 30-inch Flex Ratchet had no problem breaking all these fasteners loose. This may not be a ratchet that you use all the time, but it’s definitely something that most mechanics need.

Check out the Matco Tools CFR308LF Flex Ratchet. Suggested price is $274.95, but check with your Matco Tools rep for current offers.


Matco Tools 30-inch Flex Ratchet CFR308LF Specifications

  • Drive Size: 1/2
  • Handle Color: Chrome
  • Head Type: Locking Flex
  • Teeth: 88
  • Product Length: 31.5
  • Series: eighty8

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David S
David S
4 years ago

Well at least you typed a 0 in the part number and not an O.