Mayhew Progrip Hose Pick Set Review – 13097 Made In USA

Mayhew Progrip Hose Pick Set
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Everyone needs a good pick and hook set. This Mayhew 6-piece Progrip set is Made in the USA and offers a variety of different lengths and bends.

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Like they say, you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose. Well, you probably can pick your friend’s nose with this Mayhew Progrip hose pick set. This Mayhew 13097 set includes six different length hook tools with different bends and shapes. While these may be made for releasing heater hoses and radiator hoses, these hooks and picks can be used for scores of other jobs. And, these are the type tools that you’ll find more and more uses for when they’re in your toolbox.

Mayhew ProGrip Hose Pick Set Features

This Mayhew Progrip hose pick set includes the triangulated handles overmoulded with soft rubber, hence aiding in comfort. Furthermore, Mayhew steps up the quality with these Made in the USA hose picks. The hardened steel picks provide long-lasting strength for picking hoses, removing glass from rubber gaskets, or removing interior parts like fastener covers on door panels.


Back in the Day

ProGrip Tri-Lobe Handles

ProGrip Tri-Lobe Handles

Not too many decades ago I grew up in the family glass business. We didn’t follow the typical glass shop recipe of installing home windows. This is more along the lines of an automotive shop. We specialized in classic cars, muscle-cars, hot-rods, and heavy equipment. Much of these older vehicles and machinery have glass that’s installed with a rubber gasket. Hook tools like included in the Mayhew ProGrip hose pick set were used every day at our shop.

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Pick sets are a must-have for any mechanic, shade-tree or professional. Small pick sets are great for uncovering fasteners, but these larger hose pick sets take care of the large job. You can’t beat these Mayhew Progrip picks with the comfortable handles and the varied hook lengths and designs. While the price is not exactly cheap, it does make a difference that they’re Made in the USA.

You can purchase the Mayhew ProGrip 6-piece Pick Set for around $90.


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