Milwaukee Locking Pliers 10-Piece Set Video Review

Milwaukee Locking Pliers FI

Milwaukee Locking Pliers 48-22-3690

For the sake of this article, we shall call them the Milwaukee Locking Pliers, but the rest of the planet will call them Milwaukee vice grips. Regardless, this 10-piece set (model #: 48-22-3690) includes locking pliers from 5″ all the way up to 11″ c-clamps. They all include the Torque Lock feature that allows the user to apply more force after the initial clamp.

Milwaukee Locking Pliers 10-piece

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Torque Lock and Max Grip

On the end of the handle of the Milwaukee Locking Pliers, the adjustment screw includes a thick red ring. Stick a screwdriver through the ring, and you can add more turns to increase the clamping force. Some of the locking pliers in the kit include the Max Grip feature with angled teeth to increase traction. These teeth are angled one way on the top and the opposite way on the bottom jaws. As more rotational pressure applies toward the locking side of the plier, more pressure is exerted on the jaws. This works really well for releasing stuck fasteners, hence removing rusty nuts and bolts.

Milwaukee Max Bite

Our Thoughts

These Torque Lock locking pliers from Milwaukee are nothing new. In fact, they released them more than 7-years ago. However, these are still very useful tools in the shop or on the job. Buying tools like this in a kit make a lot of sense. It’s great to have an abundance of clamps, whether you’re doing woodworking or metal fabrication. You can get the 10-piece Milwaukee Locking Pliers set for about $150 and you get a lifetime warranty. These are also available in smaller kits as well.

Get it here: Milwaukee Locking Pliers 10-Piece Set 48-22-3690.


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