Monster Digital Circuit Tester LCD MST12001 Review

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Vanilla ice cream, cheese pizza and a hotdog with ketchup and mustard; these are all items that would seem mundane, or just plain. While many better flavors of ice cream, meat-mounded stuffed-crust pizzas and gourmet hotdogs exist, sometimes we just need the basics. In much the same way, you need a tool like the Monster digital circuit tester in your arsenal. Sometimes, it’s the simple tool that makes the most sense.

I know there are many electronic diagnostic tools that probably adorn your collection. From a power probe to a multimeter, there are new electronic devices that can do more and more with each new release. Most of these have batteries that either need replacing or charging, need instructions for operating, and sometimes even need setup or configuration each use. When it comes time to check a taillight, trailer wiring, or fuse, I’m reaching for the Monster digital circuit tester LCD MST12001.

Ditching the complicated and adopting the K.I.S.S. principle, Keep It Simple Stupid makes the most sense sometimes. This in no way means that you need to discard those more complex tools. You just need to know when to use those tools, and when to choose the single-wire digital circuit tester.


Monster Digital Circuit Tester LCD MST12001 Features

Monster Digital Circuit TesterThe Monster LCD MST12001 will test systems from 12 to 48 Volts DC, hence you don’t have to worry when you’re working on that heavy machinery with a 24V system. The digital LCD provides a digital readout and an led light that lights the display when voltage is detected. Reverse polarity is also displayed by a different color LED. With the clamp on ground (-) and the test lead (pointer) on positive (+), the LED backlight shines red, reverse the leads and the LED shines green.

The 12-foot cord of the Monster digital circuit tester makes just about any test point accessible, as well as the sharp-pointed tip allows the technician to plunge into wire insulation without much effort. Not only is the contact point sharp, but the hardened probe and polished finish adds to the build quality. Finally, the handle is made from an ultra-clear and durable plastic, hence it’s tough and easy to read the display.

Final Words

There is something to say about simplicity and ease of use. This is the whole premise of the Monster MST12001. You may have tools like a cordless impact driver, but that doesn’t mean you throw away your screwdrivers. It makes sense to have diagnostic tools, power probes and multimeters, but you should also keep a simple test light or circuit tester in reach as well. With an LED and no battery to die, the Monster digital circuit tester should last for twenty years or more. For an electronic test tool, priced less than $99, that will virtually last forever, this is about all you can ask from a tool.

If you would like to purchase the Monster digital circuit tester, please click here.


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