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Rolgear Ratchet Screwdriver
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Pick up the Rolgear ratchet screwdriver once and you’ll be hooked. The smooth roller operation is different than any other.

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Screwdrivers will be around forever. Powertools, such as drills and impacts may become “smart” and the price continues to drop, however, you can never replace the need for an actual screwdriver. Mechanics and other tradespeople know the feel of their favorite screwdriver, and arguments of “the best” ensue much like that of Chevy, Ford, and Dodge. Amongst a sea of age-old contenders, the Rolgear ratchet screwdriver enters the fight. With their entry, it’s as though they’ve brought a gun to a screwdriver fight.

I know what some of you are thinking right away, that I can’t compare a ratchet driver to a standard screwdriver. This may be the case, but I say it now and later: “you have to try this Rolgear ratchet screwdriver. Calling it a ratchet screwdriver is a bit of a dis-service, hence there is no ratchet. Not only is the roller mechanism very impressive, the Rolgear rivals comfort and performance with the best I’ve used as well.

Rolgear Ratchet Screwdriver – That Doesn’t Ratchet – Features

Using the Rolgear ScrewdriverWhenever we think ratchet screwdriver, we expect to spin the shaft to hear and feel the ratchet pawls ticking and clicking. No so with the Rolgear ratchet screwdriver! Smooth as a baby’s bottom. This will rival some of the best fidget spinners; and hey, it’s a screwdriver. The roller feature in the Rolgear technology was invented by the Swiss founder of Rolgear. In case you wonder about the country of origin, the Rolgear ratchet screwdriver is made just north of us, British Columbia, Canada to be exact.

In addition to the smooth ratchet mechanism, which words don’t do justice, there are other great features. The handle of the Rolgear is a tri-lobe design with rubber overmolding. I really like a tri-lobe handle, along with the overmold, this is a very comfortable screwdriver in my hand. While one double-ended bit is in the driver, there are six (6) others tucked away inside the handle. With a total of seven (7) double-ended bits and the 1/4” hex shaft, you get the claimed 15-in-1 driver.


The bits are made from S2 tool steel and are marked (engraved or stamped) on each end, according to type and size. Each bit seems to fit the corresponding fastener very well, and the S2 tool steel should provide long life. Within the 1/4” hex shaft is a strong magnet to keep the bits retained while in use. A small green locking ring resides where the handle and shaft meet, allowing users to change the ratcheting direction. Or, the ring can be placed in the middle “lock” position, hence resembling a non-ratcheting screwdriver.


Rolgear Rathet Direction RingRolgear surprisingly impressed us with this ratcheting screwdriver. The patented silky-smooth roller mechanism, that doesn’t ratchet, is very cool and functional. Ergonomics are impressive as well, with a very comfortable handle, even with the storage holes for the extra bits. The Rolgear ratchet screwdriver is available on Amazon for less than $25, so this is an impressive value as well. Some will pay this much for a single screwdriver in another name brand. If you’re in the market for a new screwdriver, we recommend that you definitely give the Rolgear ratchet screwdriver a long look.

To get your Rolgear ratchet screwdriver, click here.


Rolgear Ratchet Screwdriver Specifications

  • 7 bits made of S2 tool steel
  • Slotted: 3/16, 1/4”
  • Square: 1, 2, 3
  • Phillips: 1, 2,
  • Smooth and silent ratcheting
  • Single-handed ratchet adjustments from forward, locked, and backward
  • Ergonomic, cushion comfort handle
  • Magnetic components for drop-safe bit changing
  • Stainless steel bit adapter

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