Southwire Made In America Crimper

Southwire Made In America Crimper

Southwire has been getting a lot of coverage lately. In large part, that has to do with their Made in America electricians hand tools. The designs are simple, just like any other hand tool. The workmanship, however, has been top-notch, and Southwire manufactures this new lineup in the States. The Southwire Made in America Crimper, like the other tools in this new lineup, employs a tried-and-true terminal crimper design. In case you thought these Southwire crimpers sported some red and blue for show—rest assured, we’re pretty impressed. They seem to have built these terminal crimpers to last.


Southwire Made In America Crimper Highlights

As previously mentioned, these new pliers, like the rest of their American-made hand tools, were proudly made in the United States. From drop forging the steel to dipping the handles, these tools were created by American workers.

Drop-forging steel involves using a hydraulic press to apply pressure as the steel is poured and formed. This squeezes out any imperfections in the steel.

Southwire Made In America Crimper

Hot rivets join the pieces together while allowing smoother action and flush sides. A cold rivet joint can have some janky action and won’t flush up to the edge of the pliers. This build quality also impressed us when we looked at the Southwire High Leverage diagonal cutting pliers.

Although you may not quickly think about “comfort” when shopping for a hand tool, it matters. This is especially true when your job requires you to make high force cuts throughout the day. For what it’s worth, the Southwire Crimpers feel pretty good in the hand, even after making dozens of crimps. The double-dipped handles lend just a bit of cushioning while the handle gives you ample leverage. The Southwire crimpers can crimp both insulated and non-insulated terminals and connectors.

Southwire Crimpers

The Southwire Made In America Crimpers also includes wire cutters in the nose. Featuring induction hardened and precision sharpened blades, this handy addition should stay sharp for the life of the tool. The nose also tapers down to allow for access into tighter areas.

Southwire Made In America Crimper

Final Thoughts

The Southwire Made In America crimpers, like the other tools in the series, will cost about the same as other professional grade hand tools on the market. You should be able to find a set of these crimping pliers for around $30. When you consider this tool’s origin and the fact that they come with Southwire’s hassle-free lifetime warranty, $30 seems like a pretty fair price.


Southwire Crimpers Features

  • Model Number: Southwire TCC9D-US
  • Made from American forged steel for durability
  • Crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals and connectors
  • Specially hardened wire cutter in nose
  • Tapered nose for working in confined spaces
  • Price: ~ $30

For more information on Southwire’s Made In America line of electrician’s hand tools, check them out at

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