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Limited space and bolts in confined spaces are things a mechanic deals with every day. The Sunex Stubby ratcheting wrench model 9936 provides technicians an easier way to reach these fasteners. Consumer demand drives manufacturers to stuff more technology, safety, and performance parts and pieces into already tight engine compartments. The need for tools such as stubby wrenches has never been greater.


Sunex Stubby Ratcheting Wrench Features

Sunex Stubby Ratcheting WrenchIn addition to these tools being short, hence the name stubby, the Sunex Stubby ratcheting wrench also has a ratcheting action on the boxed end. The ratcheting mechanism incorporates 72 fine teeth to provide a 5º swivel arc. To make things simple for the technician, an arrow displays the correct ratcheting direction. Made with forged CR-V (Chrome Vanadium) steel, this provides good strength with excellent protection against corrosion.

About Sunex Tools

Sunex Tools is based out of Greenville, SC and has manufactured innovative tools for more than 35 years. With their offering of hand tools, impact sockets, air tools, jacks and USA made hydraulic presses, they serve the automotive aftermarket, industrial and commercial industries. Sunex prides their success as a result of their wonderful team of employees.

Features Continued…

The ratcheting end of the wrench carries a universal spline that will accommodate 6 pt., 12 pt., Rounded 6 pt., Star, Spline, and square fasteners. These stubbys won’t leave you hanging when you’re elbow-deep underhood and realize it’s a star fastener. On the opposite end of the wrench, the open-end incorporates the V-Goove spanner providing a non-slip grip. The V-groove allows the wrench to bite into the flat areas of 4 or 6 pt fasteners, so even a rounded-off heads can be loosened.

Wrap Up – Stubby Ratcheting Wrench Model 9936

A mechanic shouldn’t be without a set of stubby wrenches, in SAE and metric. Adding a ratcheting end to the stubby is even more suitable and efficient. With the Sunex Stubby ratcheting wrench set, you get the added benefits of a non-slip spanner (open-end) and a ratcheting end, while they also work on just about any type fastener. We look forward to getting a set of these Sunex wrenches, so we can give them a full Shop Tool Reviews review.

Sunex Tools backs the stubby ratcheting wrench with their Sunex Lifetime Warranty. If you would like to purchase, click here.


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