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HART Tools at Walmart FI

Back in November of last year, we visited New York for the launch of these New Hart Tools at Walmart. If you missed that article, you can check it out from the link or the image below. Since then, we actually received several of the Hart power tools and accessories for ourselves, so we could develop our opinion on quality, value, etc. Walmart finally has a tool brand they can call their own, even if they don’t own it.

HART Tools at Walmart – Power Tools Hand Tools and Accessories

Hart Tools Categories

When you walk down the section of Hart Tools at Walmart, you may find more than one aisle, hence you may even find them in multiple locations in Walmart. They cover the gamut with hand tools, from tape measures to screwdrivers and even PPE. Then, you have a large line of power tools for Automotive, Construction, and even Lifestyle products. Walk out to the garden section and you’ll probably find Hart chainsaws, mowers, string trimmers, and blowers. There’s not much that Hart isn’t producing for the Walmart shopper.

HART Tools at Walmart LED

We put the Hart grinder, impact driver, and drill to work on our Hart Tools Welding Cart build, and we use this rig almost every day. The Hart¬† 1/2″ impact wrench is also impressive, removing truck wheels with no problem. Max fastening torque is 350 ft-lbs, packing quite a punch for the size, weighing only 3-lbs (sans battery). Of course, the Lifestyle line of Hart Tools at Walmart is very impressive, which should fit the Pro and DIY sectors. Fans, LED lights, inflators, radios, the list goes on of the useful tools and accessories for your week or weekend.

DIY Welding Cart – How To with HART Toolbox Video

Final Words on Hart Tools at Walmart

HART Tools at Walmart bufferWe’ve said it before, so we’ll say it again. It is exciting to see that Walmart can hang their hat on a tool and power tool brand. The brand fits their marketing and fits their customer base, which is pretty much everyone. Not every tool will fit every person, but it’s hard to say that Hart Tools at Walmart doesn’t have at least one tool for everyone. The price is right as well. You can get into a brushless drill and impact driver combo, with batteries, for less than $200. The cordless grinder is less than $50; furthermore, the small tire inflator is only $29. We definitely recommend stepping up their 4Ah battery if you’re going to be doing ‘heavy’ work with tools like the impact wrench, grinder, drill, etc. The cost on the 4Ah battery is $88, so it’s not breaking the bank. Most, if not all the power tools include a 3-year warranty, much better than anything at Harbor Freight, and you don’t have to buy the warranty.

You can find all these Hart Tools at Walmart or Walmart.com. Check out the video for more information.




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