20V DeWalt DCF850 ATOMIC Impact Driver Video Review

DeWalt DCF850 ATOMIC Impact Driver FI

DeWalt DCF850 ATOMIC Impact Driver

If you’re looking for a lot of power in a small package, then look no further than this DeWalt DCF850 ATOMIC Impact Driver. The ATOMIC line was initially launched by DeWalt to be compact yet still have the power for the professional. These tools are powered by their 20V MAX line of batteries, and most ATOMIC tools include a brushless motor.

20V MAX ATOMIC Impact Driver

From the tip of the quick-release, 1/4″ hex chuck to the rear of this DeWalt impact driver is less than 4-inches. With a 1.5Ah battery onboard, it weighs in at less than 3-pounds. You have three speeds to choose from that set the maximum RPM. Additionally, the variable speed trigger allows you to adjust the instant RPM you desire. The DCF850 delivers more than 1825 in-lbs of torque, with a maximum of 3,250 RPM and 3,800 IPM.

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We pushed the ATOMIC impact with driver deck screws and 7-inch construction fasteners into pressure-treated wood. Furthermore, it was tested on our impact-wrench test bench, removing 33mm fasteners set to over 350 ft-lbs. No worries if you’re in dark areas, three LED lights surround the chuck, making it easy to see the fastener.

DeWalt DCF850 ATOMIC Impact Driver_2

Final Thoughts

Power tools continue to get more powerful while also shrinking in size. This DeWalt ATOMIC Impact Wrench is the perfect example of this. We’re definitely fans of this impact driver. Anytime you can save weight and size, making the job easier on your body, we’re a huge fan. You can pick up the new DeWalt DCF850 ATOMIC Impact Driver from Home Depot for just $199. This includes the tool, a charger, and a 5Ah battery. DeWalt covers this tool with a 3-year warranty.

DeWalt DCF850 ATOMIC 20V Impact Driver: $199

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