24V FLEX FXM202 Drill Impact Driver Combo Video Review

FLEX FXM202 Turbo Combo FI


Purchasing the FLEX FXM202 Combo is an easy way to knock out two needs in one package. While years ago it was normal to use your cordless drill as a driver, we’ve come to understand that an impact driver is many times a better choice. With the 24-volt Brushless FLEX FXM202 combo, you get the FX1271 Hammer Drill/Driver and you also get the FX1371 Quick Eject Impact Driver. Included in the kit are the two tools, the 160W Fast Charger, and two 24-volt batteries (2.5Ah & 5Ah).

24V FLEX FX1271 Hammer Drill Driver Features

You get much more than just a drill. This FLEX FX1271 is a Hammer Drill Driver that includes 24 different clutch settings. Furthermore, the TURBO mode delivers more speed, impacts, and power with the push of a button. The 24-volt platform provides more runtime and the Therma-Tech keeps the batteries cool and safe while charging and in use. You get a Jacobs steel 1/2″ chuck and up to 1,400 in-Ibs of torque.

FX1371 Quick Eject Impact Driver Features

With the power of this 24-volt FLEX FX1371, you have to be careful to not destroy 1/4″ hex adapters when using sockets. The Quick Eject feature includes a small button just below the 1/4″ chuck, in reach of your index finger. With the press of the button, the bit is released, without the need to pull the locking ring. The brushless motor and 24-volt system delivers up to 2500 in-lbs of torque (208 ft-lbs) from this little beast. In fact, we pushed this little guy to the extreme in our testing, with no hiccup from the impact driver. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the most powerful drill and impact driver package on the market, good chance it’s this FLEX FXM202 Combo. We love the batteries and chargers from FLEX. You can easily read the status of the battery from either side, and the chargers are some of the fastest in the industry. If you purchase by 12/31/2021, the standard 5-year warranty can be upgraded to a lifetime warranty. 

$349 at Lowes



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