Best Compact Impact Wrench Video – DeWalt or Milwaukee

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Best Compact Impact Wrench – DeWalt DCF921 vs Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2855

When DeWalt released their new ATOMIC 20V Brushless DCF921 cordless compact impact wrench a few weeks ago, it took all of 3-seconds for someone to ask how it compares to the Milwaukee. Well, we’re not ones to sit around and just guess, so we accepted the responsibility to find out. While the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2855 compact impact wrench has been out for over a year, it’s still a powerful impact. Since we just reviewed the DeWalt DCF921, we understand what kind of power it delivers.

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Both Have 1/2″ Hogring Anvils

DeWalt DCF921 and Milwaukee 2855 Features

Feature for feature, it’s hard to distinguish which will be the best compact impact wrench. The one glaring piece of data is the DCF921 is rated at 450 ft-lbs, while the Milwaukee 2855 only discloses 250 ft-lbs. We understand these are just marketing numbers, so the real stuff could be much different. This is where our testing comes in.

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4-Mode Power Controls

Best Compact Impact Wrench_2Both compact impact wrenches, in our testing, receive power from 5Ah 18-volt (nominal voltage) batteries. They also both include four power mode options, with DeWalt Max RPM at 2,500, and Milwaukee just 2,400 RPM. Impacts Per Minute (IPM) peak at 3,550 for the DeWalt DCF921 and 3,500 for the Milwaukee M18 2855.

Our Thoughts

Even though the DeWalt DCF921 eclipses the Milwaukee 2855 by 50 ft-lbs, both impacts are rather impressive. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2855 removed the 400 ft-lbs fastener, and DeWalt pushes further to 450 ft-lbs. Both are well beyond the limits of most compact impact wrenches. So who has the best compact impact wrench? That jury is still out. Both are $199, but you will find some deals online, especially this time of year (Christmas).

DeWalt DCF921 $199 at Home Depot

Milwaukee 2855 $199 at Home Depot



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