Chicago Pneumatic CP7755 Impact Wrench Video – SEMA 2019

CP7755 Impact Wrench FI

Chicago Pneumatic pulled the dumb out of the impact wrench. Most air impact wrenches include a trigger and a reversing plunger (switch), and that’s about the extent of the feature set. Well, the Chicago Pneumatic CP7755 impact wrench is here to change that mindset. You get near infinite adjustability for power output. They even went as far as to patent the feature, and that’s not all. They’ve also patented a new flexible fitting for the air input.

CP7755 300x250

Chicago Pneumatic CP7755 Features

On the back of the CP7755 impact wrench is a large lever and a small dial. The lever has 3 selections, while the dial is variable. With the selector on the far left, the dial is used to set the percentage of power from 5 to 45. Move the selector to the middle and you get 50% of the power output, and sliding it to the far right gets you 100% of the 960 ft-lbs. of torque.  Reversing directions is an easy slide of the directional buttons with either your thumb or forefinger of the operator’s hand. In reverse, the CP7755 always delivers full power, regardless of your power setting.

CP7755 Impact Wrench Ergonomics

Typical air tools have a rigid 1/4″ air nipple sticking out the bottom. Chicago Pneumatic developed the new Air Flex mini and included it on the CP7755. This Air Flex mini has full 360-degrees rotation, built-in, and also swivels at any angle to the rotation. This allows you the best access into wheel openings, engine bays, or any other tight area. A rubber overmold covers the handle and even the trigger. This gives the user of the CP7755 impact wrench the utmost in grip and comfort.

Chicago Pneumatic CP7755 Air Flex

Final Thoughts

We saw the first edition of the Chicago Pneumatic CP7755 Impact Wrench last year at SEMA Show 2018. Since then, Chicago Pneumatic has added some better control in the power settings as well as a few other changes. We’re excited to see that air impacts are still getting some love with new features being added. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these, so we can do a full review.

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