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Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 Impact Featured
Pneumatic Impact Wrench
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With more than 1,770 ft-lbs of torque available, the Chicago Pneumatic CP7783-6 weighs in much less than it’s predecessor. Lightweight BeastMode.

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Most mechanics and tire changers face challenges like removing lugnuts from a Prius or F150. Me, that’s another story, with more than 25 years in the heavy equipment world, my day consists of breaking-free fasteners that have been subjected to the worst elements you can imagine, on equipment weighing 10-times that of a F150. From changing tires on front-end loaders, to hydraulic rams on a CAT D9 dozer, and repairing excavators, every day on the job, there’s an impact in my hand. For the majority of the time, that impact was a CP797, the go-to for many of those like myself. When Shop Tool Reviews said they wanted me to try a lighter and more powerful tool, I can’t print what I wanted to say. It’s ok, I’m a big boy, and I’m up for the challenge. They delivered the Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 1-inch impact wrench for my assessment.

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To start with, at least the manufacturer’s name on the tool is correct. Lightweight stuff (1/2″ impacts) may differ, but in the 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ pneumatic world, you can’t beat Chicago Pneumatic. At least I don’t need to jump the hurdle of changing manufacturers. I can’t say anything bad about the CP797 (at least before getting the new impact), so why change? I see this all the time in the tool and heavy equipment worlds: models change, but durability and performance suffers. This is my real concern.


First Impressions – Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 Impact

Removing the CP7783-6 out of the box is a little perplexing, this tool is clean. It’s also void of scratches, grease and typical signs of tool abuse. This is something we’re not used to in the heavy equipment world of turning wrenches. It’s ok, just let me catch my breath. The real breath-taker is lifting the wrench, not from the weight, hence the reduction in weight. This Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 weighs in at only ~18 lbs. My CP797 tips the scale at more than 27 pounds. My thoughts: if this thing works, It will be a miracle, yet very pleasing.

CP7783-6 Out of the Box

CP7783-6 Out of the Box


Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 and CP7783-6 Features

CP7783-6 Speed Selector Dial

CP7783-6 Speed Selector Dial

I may ramble between talking about the CP7783 qand CP7783-6, and this is fine. The only real difference between the two is that the CP7783-6 has a 6-inch anvil, whereas the CP7783 just has the stubby 1-inch square protruding. In our business of heavy equipment, the CP7783-6 is mostly used for changing wheels and tires. The 6 inch length aids in reaching the nuts on the wheels, while not sacrificing torque loss due to extensions.

One noticable feature feature on the CP7783 is the speed selector dial. This dial allows the user to choose between three forward and three reverse speeds. A rubber boot provides protection and abrasion resistance to the snout of the CP7783. The pneumatic exhaust is spent through the bottom of the gun, angled away from the operator, however the block-off plate on the top can be placed on the bottom, allowing the exhaust to flow out the top.

CP7783-6 Six-Inch Anvil

CP7783-6 Six-Inch Anvil

The anvil has the included hogring style clip to hold sockets in place. Furthermore, for optimal socket securement, the anvil is also drilled to accept a pin and o-ring system. A typical trigger allows for smooth application of air power to the fastener, so the more you pull, the more umph you get.  Finally, the D-ring style auxillary handle can be attached angled toward or away from the user.

There’s not much in the way of ergonomics to make you feel special, because hey, we are working on heavy equipment. You don’t walk into our office or join our lunch crowd bragging about your rubber overmolded, sexy, curvy tools. The Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 and CP7783-6 does deliver the best ergonomic feature by reducing weight. The weight savings alone of 11+ pounds, from the CP797 to the CP7783, will put a smile on your face.


Power and Work

Sure, the weight savings and features on the new Chicago Pneumatic 7783-6 are great, but who cares if it doesn’t perform. In fact, I had my doubts on whether this lightweight tool would stand up to our daily grind. Chicago Pneumatic claims the CP7783 has 1,770 ft-lbs of torque, although claims and actuality sometimes live in opposing worlds. To my amazement, the impact does the work. Without a hiccup, after multiple months in the field, this new CP7783-6 successfully tackles any job we throw at it.

CP7783-6 Removing a Kotasu Wheel

CP7783-6 Removing a Kotasu Wheel

This is an atypical scenario where I really can’t think of anything negative to say about the Chicago Pneumatic CP7783. There is the price, which seems to range in the $600-700, which is not pocket change. At the same time, this is a tool that supports your livlihood, at least in my heavy equipment circle. Point being that the value of the tool may relate to the price, but the value includes much more than just price. Even at ~$600, I still place a very high value on the Chicago Pneumatic CP7783, since it performs so well.

Final Words

Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 Impact WrenchI’m at a bit of a crossroads here. The CP797 on my truck has served many good years, with a few servicable parts thrown into it from time to time. This is my prized possession that has gotten me through the biggest messes. Now, I have this new and shiny – not any more – Chicago Pneumatic CP7783-6 impact wrench. In all seriousness, the CP7783-6 is now my new go-to impact wrench. But, my CP797 is still on the truck…for backup…just in case. I can’t bear to just give it away or take it off the truck.

If you do any type of heavy equipment, diesel repair, or heavy-duty truck tire changes, then you need the Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 or CP7783-6 impact wrench. I won’t leave home, or the shop, without it.

Click here to visit the Chicago Pneumatic CP7783-6 product page.

Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 and CP7783-6 Specifications

  • Chicago Pneumatic CP7783 Impact FeaturedModel: CP7783-6
  • Part number: 8941077836
  • Actual air consumption: 19 l/s
  • Air inlet thread size: 3/8″
  • Average air consumption: 4.75 l/s
  • Clutch type: Pin less closed rocking dog
  • Free speed: 6200 rpm
  • Handle type: D-Handle Inside Trigger
  • Length: 500 mm
  • Maximum Torque (reverse): 2400 Nm
  • Min. hose size: 19 mm
  • Net weight: 9.5 kg
  • Power/weight ratio:  Nm/kg
  • Socket retainer: Ring & hole
  • Sound Power: 113 db(A)
  • Sound pressure: 102 db(A)
  • Square drive: 1″
  • Vibration: 15.1 m/s²
  • Vibration uncertainty: (K) 4.1 m/s²
  • Vibration-ISO: ISO-28927-2
  • Working Torque Range (fwd): 560 – 1700 Nm


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