Craftsman CMCF920 Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Video Review

Craftsman Mid-Torque Impact Tire

The Craftsman CMCF920 20V 1/2″ Impact delivers 275 ft-lbs of fastening torque and is only $129 as a bare tool. This mid-torque impact from Craftsman impressed us with its performance while on the test bench, removing cylinder heads, and removing lug nuts. Even though it’s probably not going to find it’s way into many Professional mechanic’s toolboxes, this is a great choice for the DIY and enthusiast.

Craftsman CMCF920 On LS

Craftsman CMCF920 V20 Impact Wrench Features

Craftsman included a 2-speed transmission that allows about 50% power in speed 1, while speed 2 delivers 100% of the available power. Furthermore, a variable speed trigger allows the user to feather the trigger for the exact amount of power delivered. The LED light located below the operator’s hand distributes light to the fastener area. The 20-volt V20 battery delivers power to the brushless motor and finally to the 1/2″ hog ring style anvil. The mid-torque size is more compact than a full-size high-torque and it will typically handle most or all of the work for most weekend warriors and car enthusiasts. The Craftsman CMCF920 includes a 3-year warranty.

Craftsman Mid-Torque Real Use

Craftsman CMCF920 Impact WorkbenchFirst, we set up our test bench with the first five fasteners torqued to 100, 150, 200, 250, and 250 ft-lbs. While this doesn’t eclipse the claims of the CMCF920, we thought it’s a good test. We were quite impressed with the ease of the Craftsman to remove all the nuts. We then used it to zip off 10 nuts torqued to 100 ft-lbs, with very little workout from the mid-torque. Since we had a motor sitting on the engine stand, we tried it on some cylinder heads. Again, this was no real struggle for the Craftsman impact. Lastly, we used for what many gearheads buy these for, removing wheels. Even on our Chevy truck, this impact removed all the lugnuts without a sweat.

Our Thoughts

As for power that is delivered and the size of the Craftsman CMCF920, this is a great tool. As for the build quality and fit & finish, it probably lacks some of the Pro expectations. We think any shadetree mechanic and Craftsman lover will be happy with this impact in their tool arsenal. The Craftsman CMCF920 Mid-Torque Impact Wrench is definitely worth a look, especially at just $129, sans battery.

Craftsman Mid-Torque from Lowes $129

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