DeWalt DCF891 Mid Torque Impact Wrench Video Review

DeWalt DCF891 Mid Torque FI

DeWalt DCF891 Mid Torque Impact Wrench Features

By sight and feel (without using it), the new DeWalt DCF891 Mid Torque Impact Wrench is exactly like the older DCF894 or DCF896. However, the first time you pull the trigger while on a tightened fastener, you quickly realize that DeWalt has souped-up the internals for this DCF891. As part of the XR lineup, the DCF891 gets a new brushless motor and is powered by the 20V MAX batteries.

DeWalt DCF891 Mid Torque_4

The marketing claims are 600 ft-lbs of tightening and 800 ft-lbs of loosening (breakaway) torque. You get 4 modes to choose from, 3 progressively stronger power modes and a Precision Wrench mode. Using mode 3, which is the strongest, you get 3,000 IPM (impacts per minute) and 2,000 RPM at the maximum trigger pull. The Precision Wrench mode will automatically stop the DCF891 when it senses the fastener is snug. This same mode will slow the tool once it senses the fastener is loose.

DeWalt DCF891 Mid Torque_1

Made In The USA – With Global Materials

This new DeWalt DCF891 Impact Wrench dons the Made in the USA with Global Materials decal. We know this doesn’t mean that the entire tool was manufactured in the States, but this may be a great start. We want to celebrate anytime we see more jobs coming back to the USA. Ergonomics are quite the same as any of the drills, impact drivers, and impact wrenches from DeWalt of late. In fact, the handle is identical to the DeWalt DCD805 XR Hammer Drill that we just reviewed a few days ago.

DeWalt DCF891 Mid Torque_3

Final Thoughts

This DeWalt DCF891 Mid Torque impact wrench is a beast, loosening a 1-1/4″ fastener torqued to 1,000 ft-lbs. This is definitely in the High-Torque Impact Wrench category. These are hitting the shelves now for about $250 (bare tool) and they include a 3-year warranty.

DeWalt DCF891 $249 at ACME Tools


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