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DeWalt DCF921 ATOMIC 20V Impact Wrench Video Review

DeWalt DCF921 ATOMIC 20V Impact Wrench Features

You better not discount this tool because of its size. The DeWalt DCF921 ATOMIC Impact Wrench pounds out 450 ft-lbs of loosening torque. When DeWalt launched the 20V ATOMIC line a couple of years ago, the purpose was to have more compact tools but use the 20V batteries. During this time, the power continues to climb in this platform. This DCF921 impact wrench is no exception.

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DeWalt DCF921 ATOMIC Impact Wrench_1

PowerStack Punch!

Just a few months back we took a trip to Baltimore to see the release of the PowerStack batteries. We weren’t surprised when the 5Ah battery delivered a ton of punch with the DCF921, this was expected. We weren’t sure how much the little 1.7Ah PowerStack battery would be able to expel. 

DeWalt DCF921 ATOMIC Controls

Our Thoughts

We love seeing these new compact impact wrenches stepping up to the plate and making the power of their mid-torque brothers and cousins. Furthermore, the fact that this smaller and lighter PowerStack battery can do just as much work as a 5Ah is tremendous. We knew there was a reason why we wanted to include this DeWalt DCF921 impact in our Christmas Gift Guide. You can get this impact at the Home Depot for $199 for the bare tool, or get it with a 5Ah battery for the same price.

$199 at the Home Depot

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Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews
1 year ago

Somtimes(a lot of times)? I wish DeWalt would clean up their numbering system. It can be confusing what I am looking at.