DeWalt Mid Torque Impact Wrenches DCF891 and DCF894 Video

DeWalt Mid Torque Impacts FI

DeWalt Mid Torque Impact Wrenches

Just a couple of weeks ago we reviewed this new DeWalt DCF891 Mid-Torque Impact Wrench. That’s a video you definitely want to check out. The first-gen of the DeWalt Mid Torque Impact Wrench was the DCF894, which looks almost identical to the DCF891. Both of these units include a brushless motor and are powered by the DeWalt 20V Max batteries. Even though they look the same, the power output is nothing alike. We were able to break free fasteners torqued to 900 ft-lbs with the DCF891, and the DCF894 stops way short of this.


Since we have curious minds around here at Shop Tool Reviews, we decided to find out why this new impact is so much more powerful. Both impacts list the same 2,000 max RPM, and IPM are 3,000 and 3,150. With these numbers identical, we knew it has nothing to do with rotation speed. Throwing both mid-torque impacts on the scales quickly confirmed where the difference lies.  This means we have to have a look inside both of these DeWalt mid torque impact wrenches.

DeWalt Mid Torque Impact 2

What Inside DeWalt Impacts?

Making quick work of disassembly, we pull the anvils, planetary gears, and counterweights from the DeWalt Mid Torque impact wrenches. The mass on these two were noticeably different in your hand and the scales prove it. The counterweight is not only heavier, but it’s also longer and wider on the newer DCF891. The reactionary spring that applies pressure to the dogs and anvil is also thicker than the DCF894 spring.

DeWalt Mid Torque Impacts FI

Taking a glance at the electronics and brushless motor, they both look almost identical. With a closer look, we can see the main wires from the battery to the switch, and the switch to the motor is much larger. Obviously, these wires have the potential to carry more current when the motor needs it. Regardless of which DeWalt Mid Torque impact you choose, you won’t have a bad tool. If you’re looking for the more powerful option, then you should definitely reach for the DeWalt DCF891 mid-torque impact wrench.

DeWalt DCF891 at ACME


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