Durofix RI60176 Brushless 60V 1″ Jumbo Impact Video Review

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Durofix RI60176 Brushless 1″ Impact Wrench Features

If you’re looking for that impact wrench to take down the Eiffel Tower, this Durofix RI60176 may be the one to start with. If you’re not aware of the Durofix name, it’s not because they don’t know how to make tools. In fact, the Durofix name is pretty well known in other parts of the world. Furthermore, Durofix has been making tools for other tool companies for decades. They’ve decided to bring the brand over to the United States to battle the big boy.

Durofix RI60176 - 5 Power Modes

5 Power Modes

You can get the RI60176 as a snub-nosed 1″ x 1″ anvil, or you can choose the 6″ extended anvil version as we have here. The extended anvil is well-known in the heavy truck and heavy equipment world. This longer anvil definitely aids in working around wheels and tires. Not only does the Durofix 1″ impact wrench have up to 3,000 ft-lbs of loosening torque, but it also has torque control. There are 5 forward modes, 4 of which include auto-shut-off.

Durofix RI60176 Jumbo Impact_1

Check out the ACDelco Tools Electronic Torque Wrench, which is made by Durofix.

60V or 120V?

Durofix has a full lineup of 60-volt tools, and the RI60176 runs two of them…but not really. You may see two of the 60V batteries on this jumbo 1″ impact wrench, but it’s not a 120V tool. Durofix’s Battery Management System (BMS) will run the tool on one or two batteries. This is a 60V tool, but it will utilize two batteries for longer runtimes. Furthermore, the onboard BMS will manage the charge of the two batteries (when used) to ensure that the tool is always pulling from the highest voltage.

Durofix RI60176 Jumbo Impact

Final Thoughts

Breaking free 2,000 ft-lbs was sure no worries for this Durofix RI60176 impact wrench. We’ll be sure to follow up once again to see if the Durofix can do the full-pull 3,000 ft-lbs. It sure had no problem removing all the big truck lugnuts either. 

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