[FIRST EVER] Milwaukee D-Handle Impact Wrench Video Preview

Milwaukee D-Handle Impact FI

The Milwaukee D-Handle Impact Wrench fills one of the gaps left in the cordless power tool world. Expected to hit store shelves in Q2 of 2020, and the price is yet to be determined. Many would say they never saw the day coming where a battery-powered tool would be used to remove wheels from heavy equipment. While most other corded and air-powered tools have been competing with battery-power, the D-handle had yet to be threatened. It’s typical to see an Ingersoll Rand or Chicago Pneumatic air-powered D-handle in the toolbox of heavy equipment and truck mechanics. This too shall pass…may pass.

Milwaukee D-Handle Impact Wrench 6-inch

1-inch Milwaukee D-handle with 6-inch Anvil

Milwaukee D-Handle Impact Wrench Features

Milwaukee 1-inch D-handle ImpactMilwaukee claims the new 1″ D-handle high torque impact will be the most powerful cordless impact wrench in the industry. You’ll have your choice between the regular 1-inch and a 6-inch anvil. Building on the M18 FUEL platform, this new 1″ impact kit gets 2x H.O. HD 12.0 batteries and charger. This is the first Milwaukee impact getting the 12.0 battery packs. Grrrr, grrr, grrr, grrr, in my best “Tim the tool man Taylor” voice. In addition to lots of power, runtime should be at least a full day’s work as well.

M18 FUEL 1” D-Handle High Torque Impact Wrenches w/ONE-KEY

Don’t get caught up just about the power. ONE-KEY is onboard the Milwaukee D-Handle impact wrench as well. This will give diesel technicians control of that monster torque, ensuring even large nuts don’t get too much twist. The ONE-KEY app allows you to program the 4 modes on the impact, hence defining specific power and speed properties. We were skeptical until we saw the results in our Milwaukee High Torque Impact vs. Torque Sticks Video.

Milwaukee 2863 Impact with ONE-KEY vs Torque Sticks Video

At SEMA this year, there were lots of murmurs about tire shops switching to cordless impact wrenches for several reasons. Two major concerns with air are expensive air systems, as well as air cords becoming trip-hazards. Changing to a battery-powered D-handle would definitely eliminate the compressor and the hoses. Furthermore, a mobile mechanic could mitigate the need for a generator as well. We look forward to seeing these released and actually getting our hands on one. Be sure to check out the video.

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