Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench Video Review – W7152 High Torque

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The W7152 from Ingersoll Rand packs more easy-to-use features into a cordless impact wrench than any other manufacturer. It’s Halo LED is second to none.

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We review the new W7152 Ingersoll Rand impact wrench. This runs on Ingersoll Rand’s IQV20 series, hence it is simply their 20-volt platform and integrated brushless motor. Had this impact wrench been around last year, it would most likely have won our impact wrench shootout.

Measuring the claimed 1500 ft-lbs of “nut-busting” torque is quite like VooDoo, so we’ll take their word for it. Max torque is measured at 1000 ft-lbs, which is a more true number. We used our I-beam test where we torqued ten 7/8″ nuts to 500 ft-lbs, then got an average time of how long it takes the Ingersoll Rand W7152 to run them off. The time was less than 12 seconds, which puts it on the top of the heap for all other impact wrenches.


W7152 1/2″ Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench Features

Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench power modesFour power modes can be selected from the easy-to-use dial on the back of the IR W7152. Users can choose from full-power, half-power, wrench-tight, and hand-tight mode. Hand-tight mode will run the fastener flush, then it will shut off the tool, even with your finger still on the trigger. Wrench-tight mode will do the same, adding a few impacts to tighten a little more.

The LED light ring is the best in the market. Probably the best LED we’ve seen on any power tool. This was one of many features taken from it’s little brother, the Ingersoll Rand W5132 mid-torque cordless impact wrench.

Ingersoll Rand got it right on the ergonomics too. The overmolded handle resists chemicals like brake and transmission fluid, and raked (tilted) body is a personal preference that I like as well.


You can purchase the kit with 2-5Ah batteries for about $500, and the bare tool will run about $300. The W7152 impact wrench from Ingersoll Rand was supposed to hit the shelves in September 2018. More info here.

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