Milwaukee 2863 Impact with ONE-KEY vs Torque Sticks Video

Torque Sticks vs Milwaukee one-key

Will the Milwaukee 2863 impact with ONE-KEY outperform (in regards to accuracy) torque sticks on an air impact? We test several different options, collect the data, and then we share it all with you. What are the most accurate and correct means to tighten lug nuts on a wheel? Let’s find out.

Husky Torque Sticks

Wheels and tires are one of the first upgrades that many auto enthusiasts choose. Most of the times, these wheels and tires cost deep in the thousands of dollars. Furthermore, most of the car manufacturers are offering wheel upgrades, from the factory and dealerships. Correctly applying torque to the fastener (lug nuts) is critical to keeping the wheel from deforming.

Milwaukee ONE-KEY vs. Torque Sticks Baseline

Checking Torque Values

Checking Torque Values

To set a baseline to measure against, we used our Proto digital torque wrench to tighten nuts to 100 ft-lbs. Afterward, we took the same digital torque wrench to measure the maximum force applied while loosening the nuts. We did this at least 20 times to get our Controlled Sample to compare the other tests. It takes less force to loosen a fastener rather than tighten. After torquing 20 nuts to 100 ft-lbs, it took an average of 85.4 ft-lbs to loosen the same nuts.

Milwaukee 2863 with ONE-KEY Testing

Using the ONE-KEY app, we set the #3 setting on the 2863 impact wrench to the lower Lug Nut setting (80-130 ft-lbs). Using the Milwaukee 2863 we tightened the same 20 nuts until ONE-KEY actually stopped the impact wrench. Finger still on the trigger, the impact wrench just shuts down. Release the trigger and pull again on the next nut. After a run at 20 nuts, the Milwaukee with ONE-KEY averaged 85.9 ft-lbs when removing the nuts with the Proto torque wrench. This is only a 0.4% difference than the control sample.

Milwaukee 2863 One-Key

Milwaukee 2863 Impact with ONE-KEY

Torque Sticks with MAC Tools MPF990501 Results

We used the MAC Tools impact wrench with a 100 ft-lbs torque stick from Husky Tools. The power setting on the MAC Tools impact was set to position 2 (out of 3). After 20 pulls with the MAC and torque stick yielded removal torque (using the digital torque wrench) average of 137.6 ft-lbs. This is a deviation of 52.2% compared to the control sample.

MAC Tools Impact with Torque Stick

MAC Tools Impact with Torque Stick

Torque Stick and Sunex Tools Mini Impact Results

We lightened it up a bit with the same 100 ft-lb Husky torque stick and the Sunex Tools SMX12 Mini Impact Wrench. The result after 20 nuts was an average of 132.1 ft-lbs removal torque, which is 46.7% tighter than the control sample.

Lug Nut Torque Sticks Graph

Results Line Graph


The results are in and the video should speak for itself. If you’re interested in the data, we’ll be happy to share. There’s no way around ye ol’ torque wrench being the best at assuring the correct torque. At the same time, I definitely trust the Milwaukee 2863 impact wrench with ONE-KEY to install my lug nuts without being too loose or tight.


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