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plen beian
plen beian
4 years ago

The question is do they allow you to customize the *RPM* or the *torque*. yes. They are related. but on the smaller “impact drivers” they can be independently set. Google it. The distinction that I just referenced, the difference between ONLY customizing the speed/RPMs, and customizing the actual torque setting (and also speed) is the subject of numerous threads, reviews, etc. Presumably its easier and more accurate to control the torque setting using simple electronic control/feedback of the motor when you are dealing with maybe 100-150 ft/lbs max (“impact driver”). I could imagine that the systems that allow for accurate… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  plen beian

it works.
Not only the turns are adjusted, but also the duration of the blows, then the tool turns itself off.
I set the speed to minimum and set 1/20 torque
At the output of 50 nm, the wrench then switches itself off.