Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench – R86011

Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench

If you’ve grown tired of having hoses and compressors around the shop, and you feel like it might be time to upgrade from your pneumatic impact wrench, check out the R86011 Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench.  This is the brand’s mid-torque effort, offering 450 ft-lbs of torque. What’s even better – it can do it at an affordable $149.

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  • Model: Ridgid R86011
  • Price: $149
  • 1/2″ friction ring
  • 450 ft-lbs of maximum torque
  • 2600 maximum RPM
  • 3 standard speed modes
  • Auto mode stops around 40 ft-lbs to reduce overtightening
  • Tri-beam LED surrounding the chuck[/alert]


Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench Features

The notable feature with the R86011 revolves around the tool’s four speed settings. In the lowest speed mode, the Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench can generate 1,300 RPM. At its middle setting, it can achieve 1,900 RPM, and at its highest setting, it delivers 2,600 RPM.

Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench


However, this wrench also has an auto setting, which allows you to fasten a bolt up to the point where the tool should start making its impacts, and then it quits to prevent overtightening. This will be the mode you’d select for more sensitive applications, as this mode won’t generate more than 40 ft-lbs of torque.

Also Included In The Feature Set…

  • Brushless Motor delivers up to 50% more runtime, more power, and longer motor life
  • Maximum torque output of 450 ft./lbs. of torque for heavy-duty applications
  • Tri-beam LED around the front housing helps to eliminate shadows
  • Die-cast gear box for increased durability and professional quality
  • 1/2 in. friction ring anvil is compatible with popular impact-rated sockets and allows for quick socket changes

The Bottom Line

The Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench has been available for a while, and we’ve found it to be a really solid option for when we need a respectable amount of torque, but maybe not so much as to be able to move the foundations of the earth.

Like most tools in the Ridgid lineup, the R86011 feels secure in the hand (the Hex grip overmold helps out here, as well as the general ergonomics). With a 5.0Ah battery attached, the Gen5X Impact Wrench weighs in at 5.6 lbs. We’ve found a few lighter models available, but not many.

Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench

All things considered, the Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench presents a really solid value for the money, and it could easily find a home in both Pro and DIY garages.


Check out why the team over at Pro Tool Reviews gave this a 4.6 our 5 rating!


Ridgid Gen5X Impact Wrench Specs

  • Model Number: R86011B (Bare Tool)
  • Max Torque: 450 ft-lbs.
  • Anvil Size: 1/2″ Friction Ring
  • Low Mode Speed: 1,300 RPM
  • Medium Mode Speed: 1,900 RPM
  • High Mode Speed: 2,600 RPM
  • Auto Mode Speed: 2,100 RPM
  • Warranty: Lifetime Service Agreement with Registration
  • MSRP: $149



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