Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools Introduced

Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools

Introducing Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools. Technicians these days need to access tight spaces in order to perform repairs and maintenance, especially when working with fasteners on a variety of equipment and vehicles. The 2 new Ultra-Compact Impactools from Ingersoll Rand are designed small for technicians and operators to quickly loosen or tighten a wide range of fasteners in limited areas. These powerful pneumatic tools feature high power-to-weight ratios, and come equipped with an easy to operate regulator dial and push-button for forward and reverse.


The new Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools offer high power-to-weight ratios.  The 35MAX 1/2″ Ultra-Compact Impactool has 625 ft-lbs nut-busting torque, while the 15QMAX 3/8″ Quiet Ultra-Compact Impactool has 475 ft-lbs. Also, the Ingersoll Rand 15QMAX Impactool offers a premiere quiet technology that reduces the amount of noise the tool creates.

“The access points in vehicle frames are getting increasingly confined and common impact tools cannot fit in areas that need servicing. Lightweight yet powerful, Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools help technicians and equipment engineers get the job done right every time.”

– Michael Cafferty, product manager for Ingersoll Rand Power Tools

The power regulator dial on the back of the Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools allow technicians to adjust their power and torque needs quickly and easily. In addition, the push-button forward/reverse buttons are conveniently located on the back with the power dial.  In tight areas, technicians can change their power-level needs and reverse rotation with just one hand. The tool’s ergonomic design and unique twin hammer mechanism reduce vibration to give operators better control during use.  Reducing or eliminating fatigue in the hands and arms of technicians increases productivity, and that’s a win-win in anyone’s book.

Ultra compact in their weight and length, both Ingersoll Rand Impactools weigh 2.4-pounds and measure 2.6-inches long. These new impact tools share the same high-durability construction and composite housing, and undergo the same internal testing methods as all other Ingersoll Rand tools. Purchase these impact tools online or at your local authorized Ingersoll Rand dealer. Each tool comes with a 2-year warranty.

Ingersoll Rand 35MAX Ultra-Compact Impactool

Power regulator and push-button forward/reverse buttons

Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools Applications

  • Vehicle repair and maintenance: tire and wheel lug nuts, engine bays, brake hubs, axle wheel nuts, interior
  • Vehicle repair and maintenance: dashboard components, support brackets, and undermount installation and repair
  • Industrial machine maintenance
  • Manufacturing equipment repair
  • Machinery installation
  • Equipment dis-assembly

35MAX 1/2″ Ultra-Compact Impactool Specifications

  • Drive Size, Type: 1/2″
  • Maximum Torque ft.-lb. (Nm): 450 (610)
  • Nut-Busting Torque ft.-lb. (Nm) :625 (850)
  • BPM: 1250
  • Free Speed (rpm): 8000
  • Weight lb (kg): 2.4 (1.1)
  • Length in. (mm): 4.6 (117)
  • Impacting Sound Level dB(A) — ISO15744: 95.9
  • Air Inlet NPTF (in.): 1/4″
  • Min Hose Size (in.): 3/8″
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Price: $178.43


Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools - 15QMAX15QMAX 3/8″ Quiet Ultra-Compact Impactool Specifications

  • Drive Size, Type: 3/8″
  • Maximum Torque ft.-lb. (Nm): 380 (520)
  • Nut-Busting Torque ft.-lb. (Nm): 475 (650)
  • BPM: 1350
  • Free Speed (rpm): 6000
  • Weight lb (kg): 2.4 (1.1)
  • Length in. (mm): 4.6 (117)
  • Impacting Sound Level dB(A) — ISO15744: 89.7
  • Air Inlet NPTF (in.): 1/4″
  • Min Hose Size (in.): 3/8″
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Price: $175.15

Ingersoll Rand has been developing tools for the toughest jobs technicians and operators face every day. Their family of brands include Club Car, Ingersoll Rand, Thermo King and Trane. For more information about Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impactools, click here.

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