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Milwaukee 2126 M12 Underbody Light Features

With 1200 lumens of TRUEVIEW light output and swivels and pivots at every joint, this Milwaukee 2126 LED light is a game-changer. Yep, I said it, and for good reason. We’ve yet to see a light like this one. We were thoroughly impressed when they released the Milwaukee Underhood LED light, hence we’re even more impressed now. This M12 Underbody light will continue to find new ways of convenience and efficiency for the mechanic.

Milwaukee 2126 M12 Underbody Light

The M12 4.0XC battery will power this Milwaukee 2126 Underbody light for 5 hours on high (1200 lumens). On Medium (800 lumens) and Low, you get 12 and 15 hours of runtime, respectively.  A single power button turns the light on and off, while the MODE button cycles through High, Medium, and Low power settings. A battery status gauge displays with four red LED lights when you power the light on and off.

Milwaukee 2126 M12 Underbody Light_3

Magnetize Your Base

The base of the light includes several strong magnets that keep the Underbody light secure when attached to a car or lift. The arm that connects the base to the LED light is magnetized as well. This allows for keeping your tools and fasteners secure, even during a job. During our oil change, we easily stored the 15mm wrench and oil pan bolt while draining the oil.

Milwaukee 2126 M12 Underbody Light_1

Final Thoughts

This is one light that will get used a ton in the shop. You can get the Milwaukee 2126 Underbody Light by itself for $179, or you can buy the M12 2126-21XC kit with 4.0XC battery and charger for $259. Milwaukee also includes a 5-year warranty with tool and 3-year warranty for the battery.

$179 (bare) from Home Depot

$259 (Kit) from Home Depot

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