Milwaukee 2128 USB Stick Light Video Review

Milwaukee 2128 USB Stick Light FI

Milwaukee 2128 USB Stick Light Features

Just a few months ago we saw this Milwaukee 2128 stick light while we were at headquarters for the PIPELINE 2022 June event. This stick light sits in between a personal light and a job light. It measures less than 7-inches long and weighs less than a pound, with the battery. The folding arm has 220-degrees of movement and houses two flat LED panel strips on either side. The end of the folding arm houses a single LED cob light that acts as a flashlight or inspection light. Three buttons on the base allow you to easily control the light through its eight different modes.

A removable REDLITHIUM USB 3.0 battery cell powers the light with up to 550 LUMENS of output. Pushing the lower button on the handle powers up and shuts down the light. When this button is pushed, a colored ring glows for a few seconds, displaying red, yellow, and green. This dictates the corresponding battery charge status. The middle button is the MODE button which cycles through the four different modes: front LED panel, rear LED panel, both LED panels, and the flashlight/inspection light. In addition to these modes, you can also select the brightness, High or Low in each mode.


Magnetic Charging Dock

Adding value to the package, if you choose the Milwaukee 2128-22 package, you get a magnetic charging dock. Not only is the dock magnetized, but the mount for the light is also magnetized. Once the light sticks to the dock, two pairs of brass contacts touch, thus delivering power to charge the battery. The dock also includes additional space for charging an additional REDLITHIUM USB 3.0 cell. The Milwaukee stick light includes a USB-C port, and the dock also includes a USB-C port for charging. You can get the Milwaukee 2128-21 Stick Light for $99, and the 2128-22 Stick Light Kit is $159. 

Milwaukee Stick Light & Dock

Milwaukee 2128 Charging Dock

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