Milwaukee M12 Paint and Detailing Light Video Review

Milwaukee M12 Paint and Detailing Light FI

Milwaukee M12 Paint and Detailing Light

This Milwaukee M12 Paint and Detailing Light may help you do a better job at your job. With a 98+ CRI (Color Rendering Index), the Milwaukee 2127 provides a “true” color of the body panel you’re inspecting. As a detailer, it may be getting those pesky swirls removed, or as a painter, you need to ensure that your blends and panels match. It’s not just color either, ensuring that metallics are flowing correctly is another headache. This new Milwaukee paint and detailing light will help with both. We love to see these specialty lights, and this one reminds us of the Milwaukee M12 Underbody Light that was released just a couple of months ago.

Milwaukee M12 Paint and Detailing Light

5 Color Temps (Kelvin)

Turning the Milwaukee M12 LED light on is as simple as pushing the power button. Afterward, you can select between Low, Medium, and High by pressing the “mode” button. Pressing this button will cycle between 300, 600, and 1000 lumens. Another button will allow you to select up to 5 different light colors, or Kelvin temperature ranges. You can choose as warm as 2700K and then bump up to 3500K, 4500K, 5500K, and even 6500K. 

Milwaukee M12 Paint and Detailing Light_2

M12 Color Match Light Runtime

With a 4.0Ah 12-volt battery onboard the Milwaukee M12 Paint and Detailing Light, you get up to 6 hours of runtime on High and more than 14 hours on Low. Keep in mind that is continuous runtime. Even on the busiest of days, this is probably more than sufficient. Just put the battery on charge at the end of the day and it’s ready for the next day. Not only does it perform well, but it’s also impact-resistant from 6-feet and it’s IP54 rated for dust and water.  You get a 5-year warranty and you can purchase the light as a bare tool for $199. 

$199 at Acme Tools

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