M18 Milwaukee Rover Mounting Flood Light LED Video Review

Milwaukee Rover Mounting LED

Let there be light! This was said pretty early in creation, so light’s importance to the universe seems pretty legit. With a slew of LED work lights in their arsenal already, this Milwaukee Rover Mounting Flood Light offers a mount-just-about-anywhere solution.


Rover Runtime on the M18 XC 5.0

Milwaukee Rover Mounting Flood LEDWith an M18 XC 5.0Ah battery, the Milwaukee Rover Mounting LED will run for 20 hours on low (350 lumens). Medium (650 lumens) still provides 10 hours of light on the 5.0 M18. Even at 1500 lumens (High mode), the 5.0 pack delivers over 4-1/2 hours of light.


Versatility and runtime are the keywords when describing the M18 Milwaukee Rover Mounting Flood LED. The spring-loaded clamp allows the user to attach the light to any 2x material. Additionally, if there’s anything metal around, just use the magnetic base to hold strong. There are two magnets on the base, and just using one of the magnets will easily hold the Milwaukee Rover in place.

Tough and Warranted

Drop it, kick it, roll it, even splash some water on it. The Milwaukee Rover Mounting LED work light is impact rated from 9-feet and IP54 rated to be water and dust resistant. Milwaukee stands behind the M18 Rover Mounting LED with a lifetime warranty on the LED.¬†Milwaukee’s M18 Rover Mounting flood LED light comes as the bare tool, and is just $99 from the Home Depot.


Milwaukee Rover Mounting Flood Specifications

  • 1500 Lumen LED1500 lumens up to 20 hours of runtime
  • Magnets, 2 in. spring loaded clamp and folding rotating light head design
  • Impact resistant up to 9 ft.
  • 2 in. spring loaded clamp
  • Folding rotating light head
  • Impact rating up to 9 ft.
  • IP54: water and dust resistant
  • 3 output modes for optimal brightness and runtime
  • High mode: 1500 Lumens for up to 4.5 hours with M18 XC 5.0 battery
  • Medium mode: 650 Lumens for up to 10 hours with M18 XC 5.0 battery
  • Low mode: 350 Lumens for up to 20 hours with M18 XC 5.0 battery
  • Price: $99 (bare tool)

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