Sunex Tools LED Lights – SEMA 2019

Sunex Tools LED Lights FI

Sunex Tools LED lights were a big focal point in their booth at SEMA 2019. Three of the new LED lights are small enough to be held in your hand, while the underhood light is long and slender, meant for attaching under a hood. Brightness varies from each light, from 300 to 1,000 lumens, however, each of the lights includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Sunex REDLUH: Underhood Light

The underhood LED (REDLUH) work light has an expandable aluminum frame that extends to 68-inches. Hooks on each end include rubber padding to protect the car’s finish, and the hooks also rotate 360-degrees so you can get achieve the perfect angle. The LED strip outputs to 500 and 1,000 lumens (low and high). Low mode delivers up to 6-hours of runtime from the onboard lithium-ion battery, while high lasts for 3-hours. $97.00

Sunex Underhood LED Light

6 Hours Runtime on Low – 3 Hours on High

Sunex Tools REDFLOOD: Flood Light

Another powerful LED is the Sunex Floodlight (REDFLOOD) that uses a single COB LED to disperse 1,000 lumens from this small handheld unit. The rechargeable onboard battery is slim and allows this small flood to rotate 300-degrees on the base. $43.00.

Sunex LED Flood Light

1,000 Lumens

SunexREDLSWIVEL – Swivel Light

The Sunex Swivel Light (REDLSWIVEL) fits more as a personal work light with versatility. Three power modes allow you to toggle between LED brightness by pressing the power button. Max brightness is 300 lumens provided by a single row of eight LED squares. The base is magnetic, while it also includes a belt-clip and hook. $30.00.

Sunex Tools REDLLOGO: Work Light

Finally, rounding out the new Sunex Tools LED lights is the Sunex logo styled LED light. This small and handy work light has the LEDs shaped as the Sunex logo. Again, you get a max of 300 lumens with magnets on the base and rear for a variety of mounting options. Also included is a swivel hook on the top of the Logo light. $29.00.

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Final Thoughts

We look forward to seeing the new Sunex Tools LED lights in the shop, soon, so we can do a full review on each.

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