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Muck Daddy Industrial Hand Cleaner

We’ve been doing a lot of mechanics tool reviews lately as well as working on some personal vehicles and even a lift truck. Whether you’re upgrading your Ford F-150 truck or working with construction tools you tend to get dirty. Many solutions on the market are petroleum-based. These solutions work really well (as anyone who has poured gasoline on their hands can attest to), but they damage your hands over time and leave a residual smell (as well as a host of other issues). Muck Daddy industrial hand cleaner is a solution to all of that.


Muck Daddy Industrial Hand Cleaner Features

Muck Daddy claims it took a team of biochemists over 10 years to develop Muck Daddy industrial hand cleaner to be a newer, better way to clean your hands—or just about anything else in the shop. The formula cleans really well—something we can attest to—and actually conditions your hands. It also doesn’t smell like gasoline, which is a huge bonus. In fact, the effective ingredient of Muck Daddy, Myralene, is derived from 100% sustainably-sourced sugarcane. The Myralene solvent is derived from Amyris’s renewable hydrocarbon building block, farnesene.

Muck Daddy industrial hand cleaner is available as hand gel or convenient wipes. The hand gel is in a 13.5 ounce bottle, and the hand wipes are in containers that hold 70 wet wipes. You can also get a gallon container as well as 2- and 3-packs. Retail pricing for the various packages are as follows:

  • Hand Cleaner with Pumice (13.5 oz bottle) – $8.99
  • Hand Cleaner with Pumice (gallon) – $39.99
  • Scrubbing Wipes (70 ct.) – $24.99
  • Hand Cleaner Smooth w/o Pumice (13.5 oz bottle) – $8.99 [Coming soon]
  • Hand Cleaner with Pumice (2-pack) – $14.98
  • Hand Cleaner with Pumice (2-pack) – $21.97

Muck Daddy Industrial Hand Cleaners

Some Tech Info on Farnesene

Farnesene is produced through fermentation of sugars by yeast. Target genes are selected to change the yeast’s metabolism, converting the yeast from an ethanol-producing organism into a hydro-carbon producing organism. Amyris’s platform provides three distinct advantages over the existing sources: first, it efficiently produces compounds that can’t be made by chemical synthesis; second, it replaces compounds typically derived from plant sources that can’t be extracted reliably; and third, it replaces compounds made from petrochemicals, with renewable compounds.


Muck Daddy Industrial Hand Cleaner Features

  • Bioengineered to remove oil, grease, and grime
  • Includes hand moisturizer, pumice, and conditioner (Squalane)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free of petroleum solvents
  • Fresh, pleasant scent
  • Derived from 100% sustainably-sourced sugarcane
  • Active ingredient: Myralene 10 (derived from farnesene)

Muck Daddy industrial hand cleaner continues the trend of more eco-friendly industrial hand cleaners which forego more caustic chemicals in favor of safer, more organic technologies. As a result, Muck Daddy is a great replacement to or alternative to hand cleaning solutions like Green Kleen, Fast Orange, or Citri-scrub. We actually like the almost neutral smell even better, and the ability of the hand cleaner to cut quickly through grease and oil is remarkable.

While the squeeze bottles are fantastic to keep by a hose bib (where you can wash off), the 70-count wipes container worked equally well, and you can use them anywhere to get clean quickly without needing to rinse off. The wipes were our preferred shop solution, while the smaller 13.5 ounce bottle is a great product to bring to the jobsite where you can rinse off before you leave. For mechanics or anyone greasing equipment or doing maintenance, this is  great solution for keeping clean. The included pumice gives you a nice abrasive to help in the cleaning process, but Muck Daddy is creating a smooth version without pumice for less strenuous cleaning needs.

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