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Final Thoughts

If you need a polisher that will cut through the toughest finishes, and deliver all the power with a smooth trigger. You should check out the Makita 9237C 7-inch polisher. You won’t be disappointed.

Why do you need a polisher like the Makita 9237C? For the tough stuff! This 9237C Makita 7-inch polisher is a rotary polisher, not an orbital polisher like the Makita B06060J. All of the power is going to the wheel. Typically, this is not the tool that the DIY detailer or the weekender wants to use because this will do some damage to paint, in a heartbeat. Especially along ridges and tight areas. You hear of people cutting through or burning through paint, this is the type of tool that will do it, and fast. Be sure to see the video review of the Makita 9237C here.

This is nothing against Makita, it just happens to be the type of tool that this is. It’s made to have power and that’s why it’s the go-to for guys in the industry, like Michael Lucas from Michael’s Auto Detailing. When he squeezes the trigger on the Makita 7-inch polisher, requesting that power, he knows it’s going to be there. We stopped by Michael’s Auto Detailing the other day when Michael and his son Chase were working on a 2007 black Chevy truck.

Black Paint Plague – Makita 7-inch Polisher Workout

Now, it’s one thing that this truck was several years old and has a black paint job, but it also sits in this central Florida heat day in and day out, all year long. In addition, the owner is a superintendent of a heavy construction company, and he has employees in and out of the truck constantly. Tools are thrown into the bed and pulled back out at the many construction sites. You can imagine what the finish looks like, even though he takes care of it, when it comes into Michael’s Auto Detailing twice each year.

Makita 7-inch Polisher In Use

This is the perfect opportunity for a tool like the Makita 7-inch polisher, so that all that power, using some heavy compound or heavy polish, and be able to take care of those deep scratches that bury deep in the clear coat. Another thing we like about the Makita 9237C the smooth power. Even though it’s got as much power as anyone needs, this power can be ramped up, smoothly as the user needs it.


Professional’s Take – Makita 9237C

Makita 7-inch Polisher 9237CThis Makita 7-inch polisher comes with a speed dial, from one to six. Speed setting of “1” delivers 600rpm, all the way up to “6” at 3,200rpm. We liked it best, to leave the speed dial on “6”, then use the variable speed trigger to ramp the power up to where we wanted. As the trigger is squeezed, the RPMs increase depending on how deep the trigger is pulled. This provides the correct amount of power to the wheel of the Makita 9237C and the finish, where it’s needed. Depending on the product (polish) being used and the pad on the Makita, as well as what type of finish , determines how much trigger is squeezed (power delivered).

In addition to the variable speed trigger, this Makita polisher also has soft start technology. When the user loads the pad with new product, we get much less fling-off than the typical polisher/buffer. This enables the user to gradually work the product out. It’s not going to just jump to 3,200 RPMs, hence creating less fling off less clean up afterwards.
With the 9237C 7-inch polisher, the operator can count on constant power. If the user calls on that power to be there, it’s going to be there. When the trigger is fully depressed, wide-open at speed “6”, then the Makita WILL deliver 3,200rpm to the wheel. The pad IS going to turn, regardless of whether it’s a wool pad, foam pad, or other. There is more than ample power behind the 9237C.

Makita 7-inch Polisher Improvements

Makita 7-inch Polisher Screen MeshMakita’s 7-inch polisher hit the market a while ago, however they have made significant improvements. Makita added a rubber overlay over the front housing to keep from marring finsihes. Even rubberized tool rests make it possible to set the 9237C upside down and not scratch the paint. This is probably not something you want to do regularly, but it is nice to know they are present.
A softer and more flexible cord exits the rear of the Makita 9237C to reduce cord fatique. Included with the Makita 7-inch polisher, the rubberized D-handle protects from marring as well. This D-handle can easily be changed out for a typical straight side-handle, or none at all.

A push-button spindle lock makes backing-pad changes a cinch. Stainless steel mesh grilles keep product, fibers and dust from entering the motor, thus causing any damage. With serviceable brushes as well, you can maintain this tool and probably keep it a lifetime.



Makita does stand behind this with their one-year guarantee. Also, you can buy it wherever you buy your Makita products. Just ask for it, if you don’t see it. You can find the 9237C Makita 7-inch polisher online for under $200. Keep up to date with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitte, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

To purchase the Makita 9237C, click here.

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