FLEX PXE 80 Polisher 12V Brushless Video – SEMA Show 2019

FLEX PXE 80 Polisher FI

When car detailers are demanding hundreds and thousands of dollars for their best services, they can’t forget even the small stuff. Classic cars have protruding door handles and drip-rails, while newer sports cars have more and more small surfaces and indentations to deal with. Gone are the days of just large flat panels to polish. Enter the FLEX PXE 80 polisher that offers rotary and dual action in the same small package.

FLEX PXE 80 Polisher Features

We first put our hands on the new FLEX PXE 80 while at the FLEX booth at SEMA Show 2019. By far, the PXE 80 was the star of the show at SEMA, and not just the FLEX booth. We found this new polisher being used at many other booths for showing off polishes, polishing headlights, and more. At first use, we find the top features of the PXE 80 in a 3-way tie for the top spot. The compact size, power (especially from a 12-volt), and the quick-change collar are neck and neck for the lead.

FLEX PXE 80 Polisher Pillar

Even though power comes from a slim 2.5Ah 12-volt battery, this little brushless motor keeps turning, even when you lean on it. The small size of the PXE 80 allows it to fit in your hand with excellent balance, while the controls are in easy reach of your thumb. Finally, the quick-change collar allows you to quickly replace the different adapters included in the kit. The kit includes a rotary spindle, a 3mm throw orbital, and a 12mm throw orbital. Just pull back the collar and remove the accessory, then push in another and the collar locks it into place.

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Brushless technology really aids in making this tool not only powerful but also lasts longer on a single battery. With the 2.5 Ah battery, users are reporting 25-minutes and more of constant runtime. If you need longer times on each battery, you can always step up to the 4.0 or 6.0Ah 12-volt battery. Speed can be controlled from the push-buttons on the head of the PXE 80. An LED indicator displays the power mode you’re currently in.

Final Thoughts

The first uses were fun while at SEMA, but we can’t wait to get our hands on the FLEX PXE 80 polisher here at the shop. We’ll be following up with a full review.

FLEX PXE 80 Specifications

FLEX PXE 80 Specifications

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