FLEX PXE 80 Polisher Video Review [SMALL and MIGHTY]

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Final Thoughts

The FLEX PXE 80 is a compact polisher that is meant for reaching those small areas, which it does very well, and then some. Even though this is a 12-volt tool, the power and performance from this little tool is down-right impressive. It transforms from a 12mm orbital polisher to a 3mm orbital, to a rotary polisher in just seconds. This is an easy recommendation.

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At SEMA Show 2019 we had the opportunity to use the new FLEX PXE 80 polisher and we were impressed from the first use. Again, at Mobile Tech, we were able to use the little PXE 80 again. Finally, we got our own in so we could perform a more thorough review. While we have drastically increased our knowledge and experience with polishers, we don’t call ourselves Pros just yet. Therefore, we reached out to Chase over at Michael’s Auto Detailing to run the Pixie (PXE 80 nickname) through the paces of a true Pro Detailer.

FLEX PXE 80 Polisher C8 Corvette

FLEX PXE 80 Polisher Features

Is this a dual action polisher? Yes. But I thought it was a rotary polisher? Yes. That’s one of the unique features of this little PXE 80 is that it quickly transforms from a dual-action with 12mm orbit, to 3mm orbit, to rotary. It only takes a few seconds to pull the lockring back to exchange the bits. You can also switch from a 3-inch backing plate to a 1-inch backing plate. Two buttons atop the polisher head allow you to quickly switch between the four speeds. Low Speed is 2,000 RPM while Speed 4 is 5,800 RPM. A slide-lock switch has a little different feel, but once you get used to it, it’s very easy and works very well.

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In addition to using this new FLEX PXE 80 Polisher we got to see Chase use this on a brand-new 2020 C8 Corvette. If you think brand-new Corvettes don’t have flaws in the finish, think again! It only took about 3 tries and Chase was hooked on this new small polisher. We put a mic on him while he used it, so we could get his fresh perspective, real-time. The slide-lock switch was his first negative, and then five minutes later, he took that back and figured out how it actually worked. Chase also mentioned that he could see the need to use the FLEX PXE 80 on many new cars, especially sports cars. The many undulations, sharp edges, and small compartments almost demand a smaller polisher.

FLEX PXE 80 Polisher Kit

Our Thoughts

FLEX PXE 80 Polisher SpeedsWe fell in love with the FLEX PXE 80 while at the SEMA Show, and this relationship has only grown since getting our own. How could we Not recommend the PXE 80 polisher?! It’s compact, it’s light, it’s versatile, yet it somehow harnesses the power of the Sun (actually, Lithium-ion) to polish through virtually anything. Give this thing a chance, and you won’t look back. Let us know if you think differently. Also, let us know if you think the same as well.

FLEX PXE 80 Specifications

  • Model: PXE 80 12-EC
  • Max. polishing pad: 3”
  • Max. backing pad: 3”
  • Stroke: 3mm, 12mm, and rotary
  • No-load speed: 400-2000/-3000/-4000/-5800 rpm
  • Stroke rate at no-load: 800-4000/-6000/-8000/-11600 rpm
  • Battery voltage: 12V
  • Battery Capacity: 2.5/4.0/6.0 Ah
  • Runtime: 2.5 Ah (up to 20 min.), 4.0 Ah (up to 35 min.), 6.0 Ah (up to 50 min.)
  • Weight without battery- 1.5 lb
  • Price: AutoGeek – $399

FLEX PXE 80 12-EC KIT includes:

  • PXE 80 12-EC
  • 1 each of the adapters: 1x rotary, 1x 12mm orbital, 1x 3mm orbital
  • 1 each of the backing plates: 1x 1″ sticky, 1x 1″ hook & loop, and 1x 3″ hook & loop
  • 2x 2.5 Ah 12-volt  batteries
  • 1 charger
  • 1 Bag

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