Ingersoll Rand Cordless Belt Sander G1811 Preview

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Sanding flat and gently curving body panels can be done with a variety of sanders and grinders. The big headache has always been finding a tool to fit in tight corners and crevices. Not to mention those pesky spot welds. The answer may be here with the Ingersoll Rand cordless belt sander.

Ingersoll Rand Cordless G1811 Belt SanderBuilt on the IQv12 platform, this Ingersoll Rand G1811 belt sander seems small but powerful. The G1811 was released recently alongside it’s cousin, the C1101 12V reciprocating saw. This same platform includes the Ingersoll Rand Cordless Polisher G1621 we reviewed a few months back.

“The innovative and compact design of the Ingersoll Rand belt sander and reciprocating saw allow technicians to save time trying to get into tight spaces, which increases productivity and gets jobs done quickly,” said Eric Suro, channel marketing leader at Ingersoll Rand Power Tools. “The tools are designed to be ergonomic, which decreases exhaustion during long, demanding jobs.”


Ingersoll Rand Cordless Belt Sander Features

No need for a hose or a cord, as the G1811 belt sander is powered from the Lithium-Ion 12-volt batteries. The adjustable arm sets to 8 different positions and carries the 3/8” x 13” narrow-width belts. In addition to sanding, the Ingersoll Rand cordless belt sander also tackles deburring projects very well.

Ingersoll Rand G1811 Changing Belts

Spinning at 7,000 rpm, the included 60 and 80-grit belts remove paint and rust fast. A variable speed trigger gives the user control over the high-speed sanding belt. The G1811 belt sander weighs in at only 2 pounds, however it still maintains an industrious design. With a polished aluminum head and rubber overmolded handle, Ingersoll Rand made this not only look good but be durable as well.

Residing on the adjustable arm, a spring-loaded quick change lock allows the user to change belts with ease. The adjustable arm position changes with a simple push of the red button on the axis of the aluminum sander head. An automatic locking trigger keeps the user safe from unintended starts. Finally, the IQv12 battery includes 4 green LED lights indicating the charge status.

Our Thoughts

Ingersoll Rand Cordless Belt Sander Tight SpacesWe recently received the Ingersoll Rand cordless belt sander and we’ve already started to put the G1811 to work. While this is only a preview of some of the features, we will be sure to follow up with a full-blown review. We’ll probably even include some video action as well.

Compact and efficient tools get our attention here at STR, and adding durability and ergonomics makes an even bolder statement. Ingersoll Rand is getting it right with their chemical-resistant rubber overmolds. We first saw these grips and overmolds on the 3/8″ Ingersoll Rand W5132 Cordless Impact, and it has held up to the shop environment very well. Not only are they comfortable, but they also hold up well to oil, brake and transmission fluids.

At the time of this preview, theG1811 is already due for release. However, we can’t seem to find one available for purchase online. While there is no definitive price, it seems that the Ingersoll Rand cordless belt sander G1811-K2 kit will sell for less than $300.


G1811 Cordless Belt Sander Specifications

  • Ingersoll Rand Cordless Belt Sander KitMODEL: G1811
  • Battery : BL1203
  • Voltage: 12
  • Arbor Speed: 7,000 RPM
  • Belt Speed: 1,730 SFPM
  • Belt Size: 3/8 in. x 13 in. (10mm x 330mm)
  • Vibration m/s2, K: 1.9/0.6
  • Sound Pressure: 70 dB(A)
  • Weight: 2.23 lbs. (1.01 kg)
  • LxWxH: 5.3” x 3.7” x 8.4” (134mm x 95mm x 212mm)


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