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Final Thoughts

Removing spot welds from body panels just got easier with the Ingersoll Rand G1811 belt sander. The 12-volt cordless tool is more powerful we imagined.

Grinding spot welds on body panels can be a pain as well as a fire hazard. The Ingersoll Rand G1811 belt sander removes factory spot welds, as well as gets in all the nooks and crannies where grinders cant. Weighing it at only two pounds, the G1811 is light and comfortable as well. In addition, there are no air hoses or electrical cords to drag around.

We took a first look at the G1811 a few weeks back in the article: Ingersoll Rand Cordless Belt Sander G1811 Preview.

Ingersoll Rand G1811 Belt Sander Features

This cordless belt sander is part of Ingersoll Rand’s 12-volt lineup, called the IQv12 series. The belt sander head can easily be moved to eight different positions. Press the red button on the top of the G1811 and swivel the belt to wherever needed. A seperate red button, located on the side of the belt drive, locks the arm for belt changes.

The rubber overmold used by Ingersoll protects the cordless G1811 from hazardous fluids. Fluids such as transmission fluid, brake fluid and brake cleaner typically wreek havoc on rubber handles. The overmold also helps with ergonomics, hence reducing fatigue. Finally, the trigger lock ensures the operator doesn’t start the G1811 unintentionally.


Ingersoll Rand Cordless Belt Sander_13Testing and Final Thoughts

We used the Ingersoll Rand G1811 belt sander on many different jobs. We sanded rust and paint, and even deburred rough edges. The real test come with removing factory spot welds from body panels. Our intent is to see how many spot welds the G1811 can remove on a single charge.

After grinding twenty-three (23) spot welds from our scrap fender, our batter still has two of the four bars left. This is a shocker, especially coming from a 12-volt tool. The Ingersoll Rand G1811 belt sander consumed 1-1/2 belts during the process.

There is no question in our minds that the Ingersoll Rand G1811 belt sander delivers with power and efficiency. If convenience and comfort are factors for you, there is no doubt, you need to have a good look at the G1811. For the kit, the price is about $300, so it’s not exactly cheap. At the same time, working in a body shop, the efficiency alone could be worth the dough.

You can get your Ingersoll Rand G1811 belt sander here.



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