Maxshine Shinemaster M15 Pro Series II DA Polisher Video Review

Shinemaster M15 Pro Polisher FI

A Professional dual action polisher for less than $200. Does it really exist? Maxshine claims their Shinemaster M15 Pro DA polisher is the real deal, and they put it in our hands to prove it. Wouldn’t you know it, they sell the M15 Pro for just $199, right from the Amazon.

Shinemaster M15 Pro Series II Polisher Features

A new 1000W motor has been upgraded on the M15 Pro Series II machine delivering more power to the pad. A white rubber grip on the snout, over the pad, allows for easy control along with the rubber-overmoulded handle. You can set your desired Max RPM by adjusting the 6-speed dial. Furthermore, a variable-speed trigger enables the users to adjust speed on-the-fly.

Shinemaster M15 Pro Upclose

The M15 designation is for the 15mm orbit of the dual-action process, and the Shinemaster M15 Pro comes with a white 5-inch backing plate. A D-handle is also provided with the kit and can be added with the supplied Allen-bolts. Most Pros will use the M15 Pro as-is, without the D-handle. We also like the 4-meter (~13ft.) cord that allows you more freedom to move. Strain-relief at the cord exit on the M15 Pro should keep any shorts from happening due to broken wires.

Our Thoughts

Shinemaster M15 Pro DAInstead of just testing this polisher in the shop, we put the Shinemaster M15 Pro in the hands of true car detailing professionals at Michael’s Auto Detailing. With several months of use, we have found that the 1000W motor powers through any of the jobs thrown at it. Maxshine did a great job of keeping down the vibrations on the M15 Pro, making it a very smooth polisher. We did have one issue when the supplied backing plate instantly created an extreme vibration. After changing the backing plate out to a Torq 5″ plate, we have seen no other issues.

Does Maxshine deliver a true professional polisher with the Shinemaster M15 Pro? Yes, we believe they do. Doing so for less than $200, now that’s pretty impressive. We have used it for months, but we’re also curious how long it will last…we hope forever. Click the link to purchase a Maxshine ShineMaster Pro Polisher.

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