Milwaukee M18 Polisher Video Review 2684 & 2685

Milwaukee M18 Polisher

Milwaukee M18 Polisher Features

Will a professional detailer reach for a Milwaukee M18 Polisher before a niche detailing brand? After using the new Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2684 and 2685 random orbital polishers, we think the chances are pretty good. Model 2684 is a 15mm orbit polisher with a 5-inch backing plate. Model 2685 includes a 21mm throw and a larger 6-inch backing plate. Both Milwaukee M18 polishers include a brushless motor and variable-speed triggers.

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Milwaukee M18 Orbital Polisher _1

Both the 15mm and 21mm Milwaukee polishers look identical, other than the different size backing plates. You get a speed dial on top of the machine that allows you to set the MAX OPM to 4500 (21mm) and 5100 (15mm). Both backing plates include many holes allowing for heat dissipation. The front snout on the machines allows for grip, and there is no secondary auxiliary handle. Finally, the battery has a distinct 90-degree offset that mitigates the risk of hitting a vehicle while polishing.

Convenience and Performance

While other tool companies have attempted to battle with the few polishing companies at the top of the auto detailing world, none have succeeded. These Milwaukee M18 polishers may break that mold. Not only do these random orbital polishers have tons of power, but they also have very little vibration. One of the biggest issues with a cordless orbital polisher is stalling. Even with extensive pressure, there were no signs of stalling coming from either polisher. These new polishers are a bit long, however, they really don’t seem this when in use.

Milwaukee M18 Orbital Polisher _2

The bare tool price for these polishers is $299 for the bare tool and $529 for the kit price. Kits will come with two 6.0 High Output batteries and a charger. They also come with a 3-year warranty. Expect to see the Milwaukee M18 Polishers hitting the shelves in the middle of June 2022.

Milwaukee 2684 15mm Polisher at ACME

Milwaukee 2685 21mm Polisher at ACME


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