Rupes Bigfoot Mark III Polisher Video Review [LHR21 Long-Throw]

Rupes Bigfoot Mark III FI

Rupes LHR21 Polisher

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Final Thoughts

With the Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 Mark III polisher, you have the power to take care of just about any surface condition. The 6-speed dial actually has positive detents at every 1/2-speed, so you actually get 11 max-speed settings. The variable-speed trigger allows you to control the speed with that max-speed window. We beat on this Rupes Bigfoot polisher for several months, but there was no sign of even a hiccup in performance. Just pull the trigger and Go!

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We’ve had the Rupes Bigfoot Mark III polisher in the shop for several months now, and it’s proving to be a real workhorse. This Rupes LHR21 long-throw polisher has the power to push through just about anything while staying cool. The Pros over at Michael’s Auto Detailing made sure to use the Mark III polisher on just about anything that came through the doors.

Rupes Bigfoot Mark III Polisher Features

At first pull of the trigger, you know the Bigfoot Mark III is a take-no-prisoners type of polisher. No matter where you’re at in the speed settings, it’s near impossible to stall this machine. The Rupes LHR21 has six speeds marked on the dial; however, this is not entirely accurate. As you turn the dial, you feel positive detent stops at every 1/2-speed as well, so this means there are actually 11-speeds on the dial. Furthermore, the variable-speed trigger allows you more control of the speed/power at work. The dial sets the max speed, while the trigger variably controls the speed within that window.

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This particular model is considered a long-throw polisher with a 21mm orbit, hence the name LHR21. The Rupes Bigfoot Mark III polisher is also available in the LHR15, using a 15mm orbit. This is a free-rotation random-orbital polisher. These orbital polishers have two actions, one that just spins on the axis freely, and the other is the orbital action (small circles within the circle). Rupes has made some really nice upgrades on these Mark III machines in the realm of ergonomics. The rubber-overmold front handle allows for a much more positive grip. Two soft rubber feet protrude on the top of the machine, and this allows the user to set the Rupes upside-down on a car without damaging the finish. Finally, the rubber-overmold on the trigger ensures a solid trigger pull without any slippage, gloves or no-gloves.

Final Thoughts on the Rupes Bigfoot Mark III

Rupes Bigfoot SpeedsNo doubt about it, if you’re reaching for the Rupes Bigfoot polisher, then you’re probably a professional. The Bigfoot Mark III is a quality machine that has been much-improved over its predecessor. It does come with a pretty hefty, but this is a tool that’s also going to MAKE you money. The entry-level detailer is probably shopping for more value, but the seasoned Pro wants a trustworthy steed. Rupes delivers with the Bigfoot Mark III.

Rupes LHR21 Polisher Specifications

  • Backing pad: 6″
  • Orbit: 21mm
  • Power: 500 Watt
  • R.P.M.: 3000 – 4500
  • Weight: 5.95 lbs.
  • Speeds Dial: 6-speed
  • Trigger: Variable Speed
  • Backing pad thread: M8-F
  • Electrical Cord: 30’
  • Price:
    • LHR21 (tool only): $465
    • LHR21 Deluxe Kit: $595




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