How To Quick Engine Detail In 5 Minutes Video

Quick Engine Detail Clean

Quick Engine Detail DirtyThis video is the down and dirty method on how to do a quick engine detail that shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes. There will be more time wasted, waiting than working. The best part is, there is no scrubbing. Just using water, Windex, and ArmorAll, you’ll be proud to open your hood in public again.

The other night, while filming an Instagram video on our Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood light, I noticed how filthy my engine was. It was quite embarrassing, actually. Sorry about that Milwaukee. Anyway, I knew it was time to do something. I haven’t touched under the hood for months, and you can tell.


Quick Engine Detail Steps

Quick Engine Detail CleanThis quick engine detail is as easy as it comes. Get the engine warm, Not hot. Get your garden hose with a sprayer. Set the sprayer so you get a heavy mist, and wet down the engine bay. Don’t drench it, and be sure to keep away from the alternator and electronics. Next, liberally soak everything with Windex. Shut the hood and wait 5 minutes. Now rinse off the Windex and shut the hood again. Wait a few minutes.
Open the hood and liberally apply the ArmorAll. Keep this away from your belts, they will slip if you get too much on them. Once the ArmorAll is on, shut the hood and let it sit once more. You can actually call this done and let the ArmorAll dissipate on its own, or you can wipe off the excess after five or ten minutes.


Call it done!! You should now have a pretty clean engine bay that only took a few minutes. If you have an extremely dirty engine, you may want to repeat the process or use a scrub brush. In the past, I had a very greasy engine, and I just did this process three times over a few weeks. After the third application, the engine bay was spotless. The great thing about this quick engine detail is when it gets dirty, it’s very easy to rinse and apply the ArmorAll. If you keep it frequent, it’s easy and quick.

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