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OTC proves their confidence with the stands durability by covering with the OTC lifetime marathon warranty. If you’re working on V8s or feel the need to have a sturdy engine stand, we recommend the OTC 1726A.

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You ever had an engine on an engine stand, and it felt like the stand was going to collapse or fall over with any movement whatsoever? Chances are, you’re probably not playing it too safe. This is why you need the 1726A OTC 1000 lb engine stand, hence no concerns with the strength to hold that 700 lb 502ci behemoth you’re working on. It’s one thing to hold an engine stationary while you rebuild or do whatever it is you do while an engine is on a stand. To remain sturdy while rotating the engine assembly and wheeling it around is another story.

Engine Stands of Old

I can remember the first engine that I rebuilt, or helped rebuild at the age of twelve (12). It was your typical chevy of the 60s, 70s and 80s, a 350 cubic inch small block (5.7L for you metric gearheads). The engine stand it was attached to was made from sheet-metal, or so it seemed. It had 3 legs with 3 metal casters that might have stood 2 inches tall, so it rolled about as good as your hotwheels that was left outside for two months, then unearthed by the family dog. Rotating the engine assembly in the stand was no less of a feat, especially once the cylinder heads were attached. In addition there was only 3 choices for rotation, 90°, 180° and 270°, and the pin to lock the rotation was any old bolt you could find to fit the hole.

It really was a shaky old engine stand, but I did rebuild three engines on it during it’s tenure. In fact, the last time I was in Dad’s shop, there was still a de-stroked 327 sitting on that stand. It must not have been too terrible after all.


1726A OTC 1000 lb Engine Stand Features

1726A OTC 1000 lb Engine StandOTC went overkill when making this stand. The stand alone in parts weighs over 106 pounds. The square and rectangle tubing is all ¼” wall thickness. The two rear casters are stationary, and they consist of solid rubber. Locking nuts are used to lock the wheels when needed. Two solid rubber, ball-bearing swivel casters allow the technician to easily maneuver the stand, with engine in tow.

They made the engine mounting plate on the 1726A OTC 1000 lb engine stand solid ½” plate steel. Users need not worry about the engine mounting plate twisting or deforming. Four adjustable attachment arms make engine mounting easy, fast and sturdy. In addition, the offset angle of the upright post enhances the stability of the engine while on the stand.

Engines can be rotated 360° while on the stand, as well as the rotation can be locked in eight (8) different positions with a cotterless hitch pin. The turning bar, or handle is nearly three (3) feet long to make turning the heaviest of engines a lot easier. An added rubber handle adds a little comfort to the effort as well. A cotterless hitch pin also keeps the turning bar secure, so it doesn’t fall out during a 180° rotation.

Wrapping Up

In the coming weeks, we will be putting the 1726A OTC 1000 lb engine stand to the test, as we work on a 6.2L Cadillac engine (Chevy). Further testing will tell the tale as to the durability and versatility while under load. I don’t think we will be surprised with a stellar performance by the OTC engine stand, due to the build quality. If I had a couple of recommendations for this stand, I would like to see locking casters in the rear (without tightening a nut), and make the hole in the handle (turning bar) smaller for the locking pin. The pin seems to come out a little too easy.

An easy one-bolt disassembly makes transporting of the stand and compact storage a breeze. OTC proves their confidence with the stands durability by covering with the OTC lifetime marathon warranty. If you’re working on V8s or feel the need to have a sturdy engine stand, we recommend the OTC 1726A.

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