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The DeWalt DCGG571B grease gun is very easy to use, and the battery will last for more than 10 cartridges of grease. If you’re pumping a grease gun more than a few times each week, you should definitely take a look at this tool.

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When it comes to adding grease to zerk fittings, it’s rarely ever a clean job. Typically the grease nipple you’re after is either under a car or in the mid-section of a filthy piece of heavy equipment. Once you get the coupler on the zerk fitting, then you have to pump the grease-gun lever with the other hand. What a pain! The DeWalt grease gun may help to end these woes. After all, just pulling a trigger is much easier than pumping and pumping and pumping grease.

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The DCGG571B DeWalt grease gun is a cordless and hoseless option that I can recommend for any mechanic greasing more than just a couple fittings every now and then.”[/alert]


DeWalt Grease Gun Features

At the heart of the DeWalt grease gun is the 20-volt battery and motor that delivers up to 5 ounces of grease per minute. In addition to high output volume, the DeWalt grease gun also delivers up to 10,000 psi. This high pressure will help to push grease through dirty zerk fittings. Armed with a variable speed trigger, you can adjust the flow of grease with the squeeze of your finger.

DeWalt Grease Gun

It’s not uncommon for grease fittings to be in dark and hard to reach areas. This DeWalt DCGG571B includes a 42-inch flexible hose, as well as a bright LED mounted on the end of the grease gun. Just set the DeWalt grease gun down on the no-mar rubber footing, with the LED pointed in the direction of your fitting, and let the long-reach hose bridge the gap.

DeWalt Grease Gun LED

Bright LED Light

Unscrewing the metal tube body that houses the grease cartridge, you can see the metal filter screen that ensures the pump stays free of any possible grease contamination. The last thing you want is your pump getting clogged while you’re in the field. An air-bleeder valve sits just above where the hose mounts to the grease gun. The bleeder is meant to be used when changing grease cartridges, bleeding any air from the system.

Using the DeWalt DCGG571B

This thing actually rocks, pumping plenty of volume and pressure for just about any application. One battery is supposed to last for 10-15 cartridges of grease, and I believe it. With the 4Ah battery that we’re running, we’ve used it over and over, and we’ve yet to charge the battery.

Be aware of what you’re greasing and be careful not to blow out any grease seals. This is good advice for any grease gun. Don’t just keep pumping, keep an eye on your work and understand your specific application.

Proper Grease Cartridge Changeout

DeWalt Grease Gun Trigger Lock

Trigger Lock

When reading some other reviews about this DeWalt grease gun, including those of an older model, I noticed that many negative remarks could probably be corrected by proper air bleeding. It’s pretty common for users to be unaware of how to properly changeout grease cartridges.

Pull the T-handle bar all the way out and rock it to the side to lock it out in the groove. Unscrew the whole metal tube from the DeWalt grease gun. Pull the plastic (not metal) cap from your new grease cartridge, then slide this end into the metal tube. You should have the metal pull-tab end now flush with the end of the tube that screws into the grease gun. Now, pull the metal tab, removing the end, and screw the metal tube and cartridge into the gun.



Once the tube is tight, back it out a full turn. Take the T-handle and slide it over, which should engage the spring inside the tube. Don’t just slide the T-handle in. Turn it 1/4 or 1/2 turn, until you can put pressure pushing in, and you get tension from pushing on the grease. Put firm pressure on the T-handle, and you’re trying to push any air pockets out the end of the tube. Once you’ve bled the air, turn the T-handle until it’s free of the plunger, then slide it all the way into the gun. Now you’re ready for greasing. You can use the air-bleeder valve to do the same, but this method has always worked.



The DeWalt grease gun is really simple to use, and it performs very well. Battery life will last for days of greasing for most users. DeWalt backs their grease gun with a 3-year limited warranty, and the bare tool costs just $169 from the Home Depot. Checking the kit price with a 4Ah battery, charger, and hard plastic case, it’s just $240.71. Either way, we recommend this for anyone that’s greasing more than just a few fittings each week.

For more information, or to purchase the DCGG571B DeWalt Grease Gun, click here.

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