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KTool 3 Ton Aluminum Jack

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Floor jacks are some of the most used equipment in the shop. We even take for granted how many times that it safely suspends tons of steel right over our heads. The trouble with most jacks is they are heavy, especially when it comes to 3 ton jacks. KTool made the KTI63099 3 ton aluminum jack to lift that heavy burden. This jack weighs in at only 58.4 pounds, hence it can be easily move to where you need it most.

The blue anodized aluminum body enhances the look of the KTool 3 ton aluminum jack, and the other brushed aluminum and chrome accents add to the good looks.

KTool 3 Ton Aluminum Jack Features

Three tons of lifting power allow the KTI63099 to be able to lift either end of most any passenger car or light truck. It had no problem lifting the front end of our Chevy 2500HD Duramax with a lift kit. The max lift height of 19-1/4″ offered plenty of vertical rise to get the DMax off the ground. With the jack a full rest, the jack clearance measures just 3-3/4″, so the KTool 3 ton aluminum jack should fit under any passenger or sports car other than a supercar.


The KTI jack complies with ASME PASE/2014 safety standards. A twin-piston ram allows for the jack to reach full height in just seven full pumps of the handle. The two-piece aluminum handle includes a foam-rubber cover to keep from scaring a cars finish. The other end of the handle adorns a knurled finish to allow for gripping with oily hands. A full 2-year warranty covers the 3 ton aluminum jack from any defects and problems.



KTool’s 3 Ton aluminum jack makes it easy to move around the shop or to throw it in the truck or van for a mobile call. You can find the KTI63099 for under $300. To find out more info on purchasing the KTI63099 3 Ton aluminum jack, click here.

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