Big Ass Fans Debuts The AirEye


The eloquently named Big Ass Fans, maker of fine ass fans and quality ass lights, has announced its most recent innovation in big assery, the AirAss…er, AirEye. If you’re familiar with the company’s work, you’re aware that their products are appropriately titled; their fans are massive, warehouse-sized air movers that operate relatively quietly, especially given their size. Well, this brand new model functions similarly, but in a much smaller ass package, and with a few really neat ass features. The AirEye can detect motion and shut off automatically, and Big Ass claims that “the AirEye is the quietest, longest-lasting, easiest-to-clean, highest efficiency personal cooler ever made…we didn’t make a Big Ass Fan small, we made a small fan Big Ass.”


Big Ass AirEye Highlights

Most directional fans make excessive noise and have limited speed settings. They tend to run inefficiently and can break down often. Cleaning the typical directional fan can also be a chore. The Big Ass AirEye aims to improve upon all these standard shortcomings.

Big Ass AirEyeEfficiency is the name of the Big Ass game. The AirEye includes a passive, infrared motion sensor that allows the fan to operate only when people are in the room. It also includes an electronically commutated motor that operates 50% more efficiently than most directional fans. Because this fan requires near effortlessness from the user, and because it runs only when it needs to with less energy consumption, the AirEye can save the user time and money.

Big Ass includes their patented airfoils that produce less noise and move 20% more air than competitive industrial fans. Even at top speed, the AirEye only reaches 65 dBA. For a point of reference, that’s maybe a bit louder than background music or conversational speech. It has 11 power settings, rather than the standard two or three.

The AirEye also carries an IP65 rating, which means that, to clean it, you basically just need to hose it off. It also has an easy-to-remove, epoxy-sealed, and powder-coated cage. Big Ass constructs the fan blades from galvalume steel, ensuring years of use. Big Ass even includes a 7-Year warranty.Big Ass AirEye


A variety of sizes and mounting options are available. The AirEye can be mounted to I-beams, walls, swivel arms, and pedestals. It also comes in three sizes: 20″, 24″, and 30″. Depending on the options selected, the AirEye can run anywhere between $600 and $1000.

Speaking of mounting, just like Big Ass Fans, the Rolgear screwdriver is like no other.

Final Thoughts

I’ve had some experience working near the Big Ass Fans’ bigger ass fans, and they work pretty much just as advertised. They’re big, and they move a lot of air around. If these smaller ass AirEyes operate as well as their bigger ass brothers, they look like they could be a pretty sweet deal. They seem pretty versatile, durable, and efficient, and probably a great investment for areas smaller than a warehouse.


Big Ass AirEye Features

  • AirEye Occupancy Sensor (AEOS) – Available occupancy sensor uses passive infrared detection to run AirEye only when you need it, delivering energy savings and effortless operation.
  • Motor — Electronically commutated motor provides up to 50% more cfm per watt than traditional induction motors. Rated IP65.
  • Cage and Blades — OSHA-compliant, steel wire cage, and precision-balanced blades provide 20% more airflow with 10% less noise than traditional personal industrial fans. Blades made from galvalume steel.
  • Control Options — Infinitely variable speed control offers greater versatility than standard two-speed pull chains or rocker switches. Available timer control delivers up to 10 hours of airflow. (Timer control not recommended with use of AEOS.)
  • Sizes — 20-inch (457-mm), 24-inch (610-mm), or 30-inch (762-mm).
  • Construction — Modular assembly accommodates a wide range of mounting options. Wall mount, I-Beam mount, C-Channel mount, Mobile Pedestal, and Swivel mount available. All mounts made from steel.
  • Color and Durability — Black cage with high-visibility yellow motor and blades. Two-coat painting process of E-coat primer followed by industrial-grade powder coat resists damage even in harsh environments.

Big Ass AirEye Specs


  • Big Ass AirEye3 Diameters: 20″, 24″, 30″
  • 5 Mount Options: Pedestal, Wall, Swivel, I-beam, C-channel
  • 3 Control Options: Standard, Occupancy Sensor, Timer
  • 11 Speed Adjustments
  • Power Supply: 18 ft. cord plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Input Power: 100-120 VAC
  • Motor: 1/3 hp
  • Max Sound: 65 dBA
  • 7-Year Warranty

To learn more about Big Ass Fans, visit their website at

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