Drill Doctor X2 Drill Bit Sharpener Video Review

Drill Doctor X2 FI

Drill Doctor X2 Features

We have a plethora of drill bit indexes in the shop, but most are missing drill bits. Sound familiar? We immediately put the Drill Doctor X2 drill bit sharpener to work when it arrived. One of the catch-all drawers in one of our toolboxes is almost full of just old drill bits. It was past time to do something about it. We’ll see if the X2 is just another patient, or if it’s actually the Drill Doctor.

Drill Doctor X2 Drill Bit Sharpener

This Drill Doctor X2 model is meant to be a DIYer model, while their 500X and 750X meet the more serious user. Basically, the X2 will handle the most typical 118-degree drill bit tips. Some of our indexes included 135-degree split-tip drill bits, which the X2 cannot do; however, there 500X and 750X models can.

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More Than Drill Bits

In addition to drill bits, the Drill Doctor has incorporated some of the Work Sharp engineering to sharpen straight blades as well. You can sharpen kitchen knives, scissors, hatchets, and axes. A ceramic abrasive wheel on the rear of the Drill Doctor X2 takes care of these straight blades (knives), while the drum on the front sharpens the drill bits.

Drill Doctor X2 Chuck

Our Thoughts

We were pretty amazed at the simplicity and the results of the Drill Doctor X2 when sharpening 118-degree drill bits. We have yet to try it with scissors or knives. Our limited testing with the masonry bits provided lackluster results. In our case, we have very few masonry bits, and typically, these masonry bits are pretty cheap, especially smaller ones. If we were to buy another one, we would definitely spring for the 500X or 750X, so we can sharpen our split-tip bits. As for the 118-degree tip drill bits we sharpened, the results definitely spoke for themselves. The bits cut near perfect after sharpening with the Drill Doctor.

Buy Here: Drill Doctor X2 $109


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