FLEX Jobsite Fan Video Review – 24V Hybrid

FLEX Jobsite Fan FX5471 FI

FX5471 FLEX Jobsite Fan Features

Stay cool with the 24-volt FLEX Jobsite Fan, although that statement isn’t exactly true. While the FLEX FX5471 does deliver up to 1,100 CFM from the 8-1/2″ blade with a 24-volt battery. This little guy can also be powered by a typical 110/120V extension cord. A variable speed dial and brushless motor allow you to choose the exact speed of the blade you desire. With a 5Ah battery, you can get almost 4-hours of runtime on High. Moving the dial to the Low side will give you 40+ hours of use. That’s more than 3 Days!

FLEX Jobsite Fan FX5471_3

FLEX included multiple mounting points for this fan. Two chrome hooks slide out the back of the fan, allowing you to hang from a joist, ladder, rafter, etc. Additionally, there are two threaded inserts on the bottom for connecting to a tripod or stand. The head can be rotated up to 180-degrees, so you can aim the air as you please, regardless of orientation. 

FLEX Jobsite Fan FX5471_6

Charger On Board

While the FLEX Jobsite Fan won’t charge the 24-volt battery, there is a USB Type C port to charge a smartphone. On the front of the FLEX FX5471 just under the speed dial is the Type C port to connect to your phone or any other device, providing fast charging. No need to turn the fan around to check the battery charge, just push the button on the front to illuminate the battery gauge. 

FLEX Jobsite Fan FX5471_1

You can power the hybrid FLEX jobsite fan with any of their 24-volt batteries, even up to the 10Ah version. This FLEX Hybrid Fan will set you back about $120, and you get a 5-year warranty. Furthermore, if you register the tool by 12/31/2022, you can upgrade to the Lifetime warranty at no charge. 

Get it at ACME Tools

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