Gearwrench Creeper Video Review – 41″ Composite 300lb Capacity

Gearwrench Creeper FI

Gearwrench has a new Mechanics creeper because some things can’t all be done on a lift. There are still those times when you find yourself on the concrete, under a vehicle. Let’s all admit it, it’s not fun to lay on a sheet of cardboard anymore.

Gearwrench Creeper Features

The last creeper I bought was…well, back in the 90s. You may say…that’s a pretty cool retro creeper with those early 90’s NASCAR trucks on there…they weren’t Retro when I bought this. The new Gearwrench creeper is a 41” molded composite unit that is in itself, the frame. The contoured back and head area keep you inside the boundaries, and it’s pretty comfortable. Just under your shoulder blades and down to your lower back is a firm EVA foam pad, and there’s thicker EVA foam pad for under your head.

Gearwrench Creeper EVA PadGearwrench Creeper EVA Pad

There is a metal plate on both sides of your head. This is made for magnetic-based lights to be attached. These actually work very well. I used them recently changing out an oil filter adapter gasket. Furthermore, the trays on either side of your body contain a magnet across the whole cavity. This provides an excellent area for wrenches, sockets, extensions, etc.

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The Gearwrench Creeper includes 6x 3-inch ball-bearing casters that support the 300-lb capacity. This creeper has a bottom clearance of 2-1/8” and the composite board thickness is 1-1/8”. So, you basically need 3-1/4” more clearance under the vehicle than if you were just laying on your back. I vote for the Gearwrench Creeper.

Gearwrench Creeper - 300 lb Cap

6 Casters – 300 lb Capacity

Final Thoughts

This Gearwrench Creeper will run you just over $100. There are a few copies out there that look similar, however, I didn’t see any others with the metal plates beside the head, and the magnetic trays. In my opinion, these couple features make a big difference in a creeper. When you’re on your back, under a car, any features that aid in efficiency and comfort have a multiplied value. You can find purchase the Gearwrench Creeper here.

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